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Every now and then I try to invite new writers to the blog to write about stuff which I myself wouldn’t be able to do. Al Busal is going to be a new series of posts by a really creative and funny friend of mine who will go by the anonymous nickname Holla. I met Holla years ago through my blog, he used to leave the most ridiculous comments and I just had to meet him in person. We ended up becoming friends and even worked together for a short while.

Since the moment I met him I’ve been trying to figure out how to put his talent into use and then over dinner last week I figured it out. We were poking fun out of some local stories from the English papers and how some of the stuff sounds so ridiculous they might as well be in The Onion, and thats when I realized, Holla would be the perfect guy to create local satirical posts in style of The Onion. The name Al Busal is the Arabic translation of The Onion and just like The Onion, these posts in no way should be taken seriously. His first post is already up, check it out [Below]

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  1. Aromal says:

    Wow.. Holla.. welcome back :) really missed your comments.

  2. Mathai says:

    When I saw ‘Holla’ I thought it was a post from 2006!
    That crazy dude has been banned from the forums more times than I can remember :D

  3. moi says:

    isn’t he your Alter ego.

    looking forward to ignore him

  4. Dun says:

    You should start taking bets on when the first basal story will get reprinted as actual news in the local press. They’ve done it enough times to The Onion and the BS Journal.

  5. k says:

    all these comments about welcoming holla back got me thinking who the fuck is this guy, some kinda 248am comment celebrity? so i googled him:

    salaries in kuwait
    “holla says:

    god- 28,000

    jesus- 54,000!!!!

    shit the son makes more than daddy!!!”

    and then a thread called “fuck holla he called me a sand nigger”

    lmao, i fucking love this guy.

  6. H says:

    This is great to hear! When I realized it was THE Holla, I was pumped!

  7. vampire says:

    hi holla
    I missed you

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