Storms over

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Before Kuwaitina .. I would have considered that one of the weirdest sandstorms I have ever seen. The dust went from maroon to orange to yellow to white and then decided to leave altogether.. Apparently it rained, which in turn brought the dust down.

Posted by K.

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  1. susheeh says:

    what is happening in kuwait ! :/

  2. Cinemaeyes says:

    I guess thats the only beginning be ready for the worst summer of your life

  3. Kuwait is really getting it this year isn’t it !!!!

  4. Pyython says:

    It hasnt rained here, yet. But the dust’s gone.

  5. bo9agr says:

    Global Warming, anyone?

  6. Shoxin says:

    O_O It’s not that bad in Fahaheel =S

  7. Musa'ad Haider says:

    bo9agr, I totally agree with you. Its cooler in Kuwait nowadays than in countries that are way up north than Kuwait (and rest of the gulf). We have screwed the air and water currents completely.

    If only the developed nations stopped spending billions on searching for alien life forms in space and invested these resources in saving the place we live in.

  8. bo9agr says:

    like we r done with the problems on earth, we want to look for more places do destroy.. thanks for ur comment, intellegent..

  9. laloya says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw modaresat benti mo 3ajebha eni 5athet benti mbacher !!!!! ma shafat el jaw???

  10. 3eysa rmathan on ktv.1 a few minutes ago, it will go on today, tomorrow morning a little better but afternoon and night will be worse! allah yster 3la all ppl :) o inshallah khair

  11. SKAR says:

    The Storm was over real fast !!

  12. ebrahim says:

    7mdulilah 3ala esalamaa ;/

  13. moose says:

    this sucked.. we got stuck in school for a while, the freaks wouldn’t let us leave.

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