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Bottle Cap Rewards

Does anybody remember these? The ad above is from a 1992 newspaper but I remember these bottle cap rewards from the 80s.

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Companies should do this again, as kind of a type of recycling! And give like free coupons though, instead of junk we don’t need!

I remember when you could get a free burger from Hardee’s by giving 2 Pepsi bottle caps. McDonald’s had a similar promo in 2010 where you could get a free Sausage McMuffin bu giving 1 Coke bottle cap, but then they changed it so you could get a free Vuvuzela lol. I remember getting like 10 Sausage McMuffins at one point from that promo (Maybe that’s why they changed it!)

KFC had this offer when launching the Mighty ZInger in Kuwait, 3 bottle caps of the big pepsi bottles can get you a sandwich (600 fils), whereas the Burger just by itself costed around KD 1.250…. lets just say there was a lot of pepsi wasted back then for the burger.

I remember this from the early 2000’s, and I remember getting a small cassette deck/radio where you could record audio, and another, large cassette deck/CD player. These were all from Coca-Cola.

I remember winning a coke bike and was so hyped even though it was huge for me, I believe it was the early 2000’s

I’ll raise you captain Majid sticker books. We used to play for stickers fill up the book them go to their office and pick a prize.

Yes I recall getting a bunch of stuff, like beach umbrella, mug, beach ball and bottle opener. I think there was one where you had to get two halves of a bicycle and would only get one, not sure if it was 7up too.

Royal Crown (RC) Cola had gifts of Toyota, Cycle and Boat. I remember reading that a Kuwaiti won the car.

I remember these from the 80s and 90s. I won key chains, pens, beach ball, yoyos and one sunglasses. Sweet old days

We got two plates from Coca Cola bottle caps during the early 90s.

The print on them was excellent – it did not fade until 2010 or so when the plates finally broke.

The paint however was still looking as good as new.

Yes, we did wash the plate.

this reminds me many things of old kuwait. how the cola trucks came and stopped in the middle of the streets and went to every doors knocking and asking. we used to buy min 2 crates of mixed drinks, coke 7up..etc we used to drink these just to see whats the prize we got from the caps.
also reminds me of fido dido ads.
i dont remember about mcdonalds. but i remember how excited i used to be to have hungry bunny and pizza italia.
if u collect and send the nido milkpowder silver top just below the plastic lid we get 1 big coloring box.the bingo game in kuwait times. i have won around 70kd once for that.
grendizer bubble gum. aah…etc etc…

Yup remember going nuts in the ’80s and 90’s trying to get the really cool stuff like the radio and TV and of course the golden cap which was the car.

Did end up getting a radio and a bicycle in the end with lots of the other easy stuff like caps and beach balls and water glasses with the 7 up and Coco-Cola logos.

Pepsi came out with the pull rings with different symbols on them .. not sure exactly what they were but I do know that the grand prize was car or a jeep or something

if you get a chance to visit the Coca Cola Factory _ refreshment trading company in Subhan….they have all their gifts on display at the reception…..super fun

They have the old bottles too

I used to stand in front of supermarket in Dawliyah Commercial Complex waiting people to buy Crash and Like Cola try to get the bottle caps as some of them don’t know about the rewards and through the caps on floor.

That was late 80’s.

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