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Zue Indoor Dog Park

Yesterday I dropped by the pet store Zue to check out their indoor park. Zue opened around a year ago but due to the pandemic, they had to scale things back a bit. But now they’re fully open and I think it’s such a beautiful place for dogs.

When you first walk into Zue you walk into their shop front which has a nice-looking cafe on the far right. They sell pet food and accessories for dogs and cats only and if you continue to walk into the space further, you end up at the grooming section which is fairly large and divided into two rooms, one room for small pets and the other one for large ones. The whole section is surrounded by windows that overlook the Zue park and benches for customers to sit on while waiting.

The park is why I was there, I had seen pictures on Instagram and wanted to check it out myself. It’s divided into two floors, the ground floor for large dogs and the top floor for smaller dogs. The top floor also has an area to rent out for birthday parties and when I passed by yesterday they were getting the area set up for one. The dog park is pretty huge for an indoor one and has fake hills and grass, water pools as well as obstacles and tunnels for the dogs to play with. There were large windows on the roof that let in bright sunlight and if I had a dog I’m sure he would have loved playing there especially with other dogs.

I really like the idea of the indoor park especially with how hot it gets here during the summer and also because of the lack of places dogs can go to socialize with other dogs. Accessing the park requires a membership fee which is 75KD a month for a large dog, and 60KD for a small dog. The price doesn’t increase much if you have more than one dog, for example, the membership for 2 large dogs is 90KD a month and two small dogs is 75KD a month. The membership gives you 30 hours of access a month and you’re allowed to bring one guest with you.

If you want to check the place out here is their location on Google Maps, also make sure you check them out on Instagram

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Great idea, but considering they offer services for fees inside (food, grooming, etc) that are not part of the monthly fees, the subscription is way too expensive for my personal use. I have an exercise yard so I would be pretty much paying only for the socialization, which is important, but not worth 900KWD a year IMO.

I have heard of cat cafes before but this is a first and a good thing too. Hope they can manage sessions for the general public (and schools once they open) on awareness about these canines and how to care for them. It’s a need of the hour.

Did you manage to get more details such as rent out for birthday parties ? It would be a great idea to arrange birthday parties there.

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