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Celebrating 70 Years of Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways is currently celebrating their 70 year anniversary, so I decided to share some old photos my mum took back when she was a Kuwait Airways flight attendant.

Back in the early 70s, my mum traveled to Iran via Kuwait Airways from Lebanon. On the way back while transiting at the Kuwait Airport, she saw a Kuwait Airways ad looking for flight attendants. So once she got back to Lebanon, she applied, got the job, and ended up moving to Kuwait a few months later.

Anytime my mum brings up her experience as a Kuwait Airways flight attendant, she always mentions how great it was, and how she got to travel to so many places and meet a lot of people.

Some of the photos I’ve shared here, I previously posted on the blog around 18 years ago, but in low res. I’ve now rescanned all the photos including new ones I hadn’t shared before, and then tried to restore and recover as much of the details and colors as possible without over editing the images.

Just to add a bit more context, the photos here range from 1974 to 1976, with the oldest being the one of my mum in the orange colored uniform. The uniforms in the photos were also designed by Dior, except for the orange one which was designed by Nina Ricci. Finally, the last photos which look like they were taken on a private jet were in fact taken onboard the Emir’s plane (Emir Sabah al-Salim Al Sabah) which she served on during the last period of her career.

I’ve uploaded all 16 photos to my Flickr account, to check them out click here.

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Every once in a while a post like this pops up and I remember why I still check in to see your blog every day! Awesome, thank you Mark!

amazing pics, amazing memories, thanks Mark! the 1970s and 1980s really were the best time ever to live in kuwait, to grow up in kuwait, to work in kuwait, and to make lifelong friends in Kuwait. people were so friendly and humble, everyone was easygoing and salaries were still quite competitive, and the roads were better a lot better than now believe it or not #siiiiiigh

My father was a flight engineer during the 80’s for Kuwait Air. I only went with him a few times during his flights as a kid. It was definitely a rock star position a long time ago. You are the singer and the rest of cabin crew are groupies. What films portray in the era was spot on 🤣

Were is Orange Color.. all I see is shades of purple or violet.. Either one of us is color blind .. lol

Was an orange revolution back in 1972 with those above the knee fancy schmancy Chloé designed uniforms. KU felt like some place else with the stewardess lugging the trolley filled with a varietal of spirits to get you in high spirits: Daiquiri, Gin & Tonic, Campari and what have you
Have to say the 70s and 80s were simply the best living on the silk stocking district of Kwt: Salem Mubarak Street

Trip down memory lane indeed! The pull down projector screen , oh man, how far we’ve come!! Kudos for sharing, Mark.

Thats pretty cool. I had the pleasure working as a flight attendant for KAC from 94-98 & it was the most amazing experience in my 20s. Many of the great “experiences” i cant disclose here

Man of many hats. Im like a 100 chapter book buddy. KAC was definitely a fun part of my life. I highly recommend it for any young person. It opened my mind to different cultures, met so many cool people around the world, was able to buy cool collections from different countries, etc etc etc

Going forward I do hope they realise the importance of making it a far more inclusive and cosmopolitan airline in its tone and flavor.

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