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My mum was a flight attendant on Kuwait Airways during the 70’s and she always talks about how great the experience was and how she got to travel to so many places and meet a lot of new people. Two months ago while I was in Lebanon I found a stash of old photos she had taken during that time and I found the pictures really interesting since I love photos from the 70’s and 80’s that deal with Kuwait.

[Click here to view the pictures]

Note: The last two pictures were taken on board the Amir’s plane (Amir Sabah al-Salim Al Sabah) which she served on the last period of her career.

Note 2: If anyone has a bunch of “colored” photos dealing with Kuwait which were taken during the 70’s and 80’s send me them and I will post them online.

Note 3: The uniforms were designed by Dior.

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The pink problem has been solved! lol..
They were pretty liveral about things back in the day!!! and also it would be a huge liabilty if someone was sitting right in front of an engine!! lol!!!
When did kuwait go sooo backwards!!! Cool Pics! I was waiting for Austin Powers to pop up! hehehe

Those were the days when travelling meant something, take a 100 KD go to Czechoslovakia and have the fun of your life.

Too bad I missed it all.

With all due respect, and just a correction to your information, the last 2 photos are NOT on the Amir sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah aircraft. They are photos in the upper deck of the Boeing 747. The upper deck on this aircraft was disegnated as a lounge for first class passengers. When the 747 arrived the upper deck seats were not on sale untill later. And by the way the Amir sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah (may his soul rests in peace) passed away on 31/12/1977, on this date the 747 was not delivered to KAC. Best regards.

Cool pixs…brings back lots of memories of Kuwait :). Though must admit, i was never a fan of KA. On the first flight i ever took (1975), i asked for water and they were all out. Later travel by KAC never improved my opinion of them and as late as 2004, they still had a smoking section on flights. Dunno if they still do.

Hi Jay, your opinion will be the same If you fly K A C today, they simply won’t improve. Having been a part of it in the 70s and 80s, it hurts me to say so. However they do not have smoking sections any more. Not surprising though, on some flights you’ll smoke.

if you check the 5th picture, you can tell that the planes of Kuwait Airways did not change….since the 70’s!!!! Am I the only one that thinks this is a bit scary and dangerous to some degree?!

I don’t see anything cool about the Dior outfit except they are short and that is what probably making it appealing to you. We don’t see this in Kuwait Airways anymore.



Hey Mark, thought you’d be interested – there is a mushy KAC pioneers video on youtube called Kuwait Airways pioneers in 60s 70s and 80s. I believe the KAC pioneers are also on facebook. You enjoy now!

Hello Mark,
Stumbled upon your post some
The pink and blue uniforms were designed by Nini Ricci Paris – the orange uniforms before these were Christian Dior ~ search on facebook – KAC Pioneers – Wonder who your mother can be ~ Sonia or Lucy ? best regards to her as I am sure I flew with her

Wow mark, wow!!!
I love pictures from the 60’s and 70’s, and these are adorable!!!
Do you mind if I use some on Instagram?

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