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Mac Links & One More Thing

How to make your stolen Powerbook’s data remotely self-destruct.
Great software that will help in knocking out noise.
Software that sucks down new MP3’s from your favorite blogs.

And finally…

MC Hammer has a blog???

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Hi, thanx for the noise software i’ve been needing that for a while now. You might be able to help me on this, I’ve been having problems finding a software to convert real audio files into mp3s for mac do u know any program that converts a whole batch of files instantly rather than seperate real time recordings?

you know the noise software doesn’t really work right? 🙂

You can use ffmpegX to convert from .ra to .mp3 but i dont think it will do batch processing.

Umm Mark, i dont get this pink noise thing! What does it mean?? Btw, its nice to see you posting software for macs! Id like to see more posts like that!

Thanks 🙂

How the hell did you stumble across the MC Hammer blog, or are you a fan? Maybe this is one question that youy shouldn’t answer…. Hee! Hee!

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