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A Dead Body

My mums car REALLY stinks and its stinking up the whole underground parking. We seem to think a cat must have died in the engine since we couldn’t find a dead body in her trunk. I would open the hood to see if the theory is true but I figured the sight of a chopped up kitten splattered all over the engine bay would be something that I wouldn’t ever want to see.

We took the car to get washed today, turned out it was a large dead cat. First place refused to wash the car because of the small, second place charged double the price. It felt like a Seinfeld episode..

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Probably the case. Or expired chicken left in the car like my dad did once. My cousin had a kitten die in his engine which cost his BMW 745i about 100kd in repairs. 🙁

yeah fuck that would suck if it happened to me bc i would feel sorry for the kitty but also be pissed at having to pull the motherfucker out of my engine

So funny the exact same thing happened to me. i took my moms car to my shop, since it hasnt been moving for over a week. i got to the shop and first thing was open your hood. i was like why, and i see my employees faces disgusted with some smell. i didnt smell anything in the car. I got out and man it hit me the worst smell i have every smelled in my life. i ran to the edge of the parking lot and told them get rid of it. they took the car to the detailing place right next door (thank god) and they took care of the smell. turns out it was a baby cat wedged right next to the engine manifold. UGGH i get sick to my stomach thinking of it.

mark,that is why it is a good idea that in cold weather you always slap the bounet of the car a couple of times so if there is a cat then it goes away.

I usually keep my vacuum cleaner on the landing outside the door of my flat where I have a little storage space. A couple of weeks ago I brought it in to do some vacuuming and when I turned it on the most nauseating smell came out of the motor area. I opened the little latch and was about to peek in but the smell was suddenly overwhelming. I couldn’t bring myself to actually look in for fear of what I might find. I put the vacuum back in its box on my landing and that evening I had a friend over and he took it out to the large garbage container on the street and threw it out. We never checked to see what it was because the thought was just too disgusting. But it took all day with all the windows open to get that vile smell out of my flat, after only like 15 seconds of having the machine on. *SHUDDER*

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