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No Traffic? This Sucks!

I was out and about yesterday walking our dog Geo from Marina Crescent all the way to Scientific Center and I noticed the cops weren’t letting any cars slow down on the road. They were also stopping cars that were spraying foam outside the windows and they had cop cars parked in all the locations were people usually stood on the side of the road to spray passing cars. There wasn’t any traffic building up on the streets and all the traditional foaming was very minimal. Why did they become so strict this year? I used to love National Day because everyone is out on the streets having fun…

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Might be a decision from the government to ban any celebrations in light of the Emir’s death.
Another reason might be that celebration are getting out of hand, and people are being harrased.

That’s because they are still mourning about the AMIR !………but the traditional spraying and stuff were happenning in the inside streets 😉

well its not that or may due to the bombings in KSA on an Oil refinery. Coz the security in ahmadi too is very tight. Alot of army choppers to in the sky out here for the past few days.

They cancelled all the celebrations when the amir passed away so i think they wanted to keep in mind that the country is still in mourning even though 40 days have passed. And some of these kids have gotten out of hand! I will go out in a firetruck and lets see how happy these kids in foam would be!!!! lol

bnaider area was a goddamn battlezone, the maseera over there was crazy and not to mention FUN !!
we went to the khaleej maseera at around 10pm last night, don’t know why that maseera was so gloomy and strict, farg 3ood been il ithneen

fuck the police who abused their authority and god bless those who treat and talk to everyone with respect.

السنه اليايه راح ترد حفلات هلا فبراير والعيد الوطني والتحرير انشالله

I never liked all the traffic jams that happen on our National Day. It’s okay to celebrate as long as no one gets hurt, and roads are not blocked. Otherwise, where’s the fun?

🙂 look what happened 2 me ..
i was with my friend in his car in khaleeg st .. as u know they closed all the roads Nd inforce u to complete the road till sharq mall !! fuck !
my friend was very angry cause he want 2 go 2 gahwa in hawali 2 watch barchalona game ( he’s abig fan of barcha :> ) ..
the time was around 11.15 pm Nd the game will begin after 45 mints !..
then we saw an exit corner Nd their was 3 police men just passed agirl car..
and before they pass her they taked her number ( Ragamha ) ..

then my friend went over them and asked them :

i have many hot girls.. i can give you their numbers .. wanna 1 ?!
he replied NO THANKS i dont like girls i like GAY !!!!! me and my friend GET shocked !!!!! OMG !

after that my friend said ok i have also lol ..
he said ok give me ur number and i’ll pass u then he gave him his number..
( SURLY wrong Number ! ) Nd he pass us 😉

The issue at hand wasn’t about the Emir! This year the grown ups and thier kids not only used foam spray but they used NAIR! Yes NAIR! Cops were confiscating spar cans of all kinds! I think it’s a good thing!
Last year a kid sprayed my car and I made him clean it! 😛

I don’t know what is the relation between the celebration of the national day & spraying foam? Is there is no other way to celebrate better than this bad way?It’s only problems

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