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Kuwait Towers Under Construction – 1970s

When I saw this photo I realized I haven’t really seen that many photos of the Kuwait Towers under construction. I think that’s pretty weird for such an important building that there aren’t many photos (at least online) documenting the process. The construction of the Kuwait National Assembly building on the other hand which was completed a few years after the Kuwait Towers is well documented and I was even able to buy a book detailing the whole construction process.

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Have grand memories of seeing the Kuwait Towers daily from my classroom window back when I used to be schooled in a Carmelite Convent next to where the British embassy is stood. Those were the days of our lives. It’s a shame the convent school with all its 30 odd chalet style classrooms were moved to Salwa to make way for a monstrous ugly looking building skirting the perimeter of the Mais Alghanim compound.

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