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Photos of the Ice Skating Rink Under Construction

Kuwait’s landmark ice skating rink was designed by the French architect Dominique Beau in the 70s and was considered to be the first of its kind in the Middle East when it was inaugurated in 1980. Domonique also designed the pattern of the terracotta tiles that adorned the inside and outside walls of the rink. It was custom made in France but inspired by the local Sadu weavings which he encountered during his trips to the Gulf region.

Sadly the ice skating rink was demolished earlier this year to make way for a newer one as part of Al Shaheed Park expansion plans. I couldn’t find much more information on the construction of the original ice skating rink or the architect online other than what I’ve posted here, but I’ll keep looking. For now, check out the photos of the construction in the post below.

Photos and information thanks to Architect Hasan, Laila Al Hamed, Hamad Al Fawaz and Huda Abdulmughni

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These are great!

It is such a shame they had to demolish it. I feel if they kept it, renovated it a bit from the inside to make it more modern, and kept it as part of the new phase of Shaheed, it would have been awesome

Its systematic erasing of all our childhood memories. Think of every place you spent your childhood at… now see what happened to it?

I find it hard to believe this is coincidence.

People in other parts of the world still visit trees that their grandparents took them to and told them stories about their childhood under those trees. Here, we are losing our childhood memory, most of us have no bright picture of the future, and we all know what kind of present we’re living.

Infinitely more beautiful, architecturally relevant and part of Kuwait’s history and urban fabric than any of the convoluted garbage they’re throwing up right now. With a little renovation, cleaning the tiles and some repainting/interior refitting, a renovated 70s landmark would have sat gorgeously in the new expansion, but instead we’re getting some mirror-y, space-age malarkey that looks like it was designed by an eight-year-old with a rich daddy and overactive imagination. It is truly a shame that Kuwait’s authorities do not understand, respect or care for the heritage of this country, and believe in their shallow minds that bigger and shinier is better – or are simply slaves to corrupt tendering procedures and kickbacks.

At this point, I’m waiting to see when the Kuwait Towers are next on the demolition block.

Whatever demolishing happening is our (Kuwaitis) fault until we start taking action and voting and likeminded youths get organized to put the people we want in the right places.

Problem is we dont beleive in our system and its because of all the curroption and political agendas. We dont beleive voting will actually yeild any results and that is what has been taught to us through the years. Instead we keep seeing the same currupt people because they get the tribal blocks the jobs they want with the salary they want for the votes.

Anyways thats enough from me.

I’m really happy
It’s not like it’s a roman colosseum made 500 years ago
It’s 40 years old and ugly, should’ve demolished it long time ago, the new shaheed park looks amazing

Question – do you have any childhood memories of the ice rink?

I do, every Wednesday we would go, followed by a Hardees hotdog, that was back in the early 80s.

Will the children of today remember anything special about Shaheed park?

Doubtful, my kids will remember being told off by a jobs worth for skating on heelies.
It’s built as a walking space for adults, with a few things for kids to do.
Parks should be spaces where they can run, cycle or skate,.

Progress isn’t always a good thing especially if it involves deleting the past.

Finally let’s see what Shaheed park looks like in 40yrs, derelict?abandoned?

please used to say if it’s not broken don’t fix it now its demolishing it what could be the replacement which would be of better use. Anyhow further removing building in old Kuwait rather than expanding south or north and the area near till the second ring road is a bottleneck for traffic congestions. The Iraqi invasion had caused damage to some of the old 1950s buildings and some private beautiful 1970s beings were removed by private owners sometimes it cost more to replicate, take a look at ocean drive simple but thriving Europe is no comparison with buildings nearing 300 years and in perfect working order.

many fond memories of skating in the old Ice rink, so sad that its gone. Loved the begees music, boogie wonderland, etc… best experience possible in Kuwait. The building looked still great. So sad.

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