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Reconnecting After 60Years


Last week I started getting comments under an old post of mine on life in Kuwait back in the 1950s (links at bottom of this post). When I went through the comments I found something incredibly cool, kids who grew up in Kuwait together in the 1950s were reconnecting in the comments under the posts. Not only that but other people who grew up during the era were also leaving their stories under those posts. How amazing is that?

If you haven’t read those posts before I’d recommend you do, and once you’re done reading them just go through the comments to read the conversations and other stories from that era. Here are the links:

Life in Kuwait back in the 1950s – Part 1
Life in Kuwait back in the 1950s – Part 2

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This is one the most amazing works you have done, Mark! The generation of people from that era are going disappear very soon and your posts will surely keep this ‘human’ side of the memories of 1950’s-1960’s KOC alive forever. Thanks once again!

My family and I just moved out of Ahmadi last month.

It has been my home for 27 years – it was the first home I ever knew. I hated saying goodbye to Ahmadi, and reading these comments brought tears to my eyes. I would pay anything to buy the house we had there.

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