New Location for Picking Up Mail

Post by Mark

Just a quick update, if you’ve ordered something online and shipped it to Kuwait via snail mail (USPS for example), you now need to pick up your package from Al Sadiq and not Kaifan. They’ve changed the pick up location and here it is on [Google Maps]

Thanks Meshari!

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  1. Maz says:

    Has anyone tried this? Is it the same old process or have they streamlined the process with this new location. I only ask this because they promised fasted recovery times back when they announced that they’d be moving to Al-Saddiq.

    With the old process it always takes a minimum of 20 mins wait to receive my package.

    • Meshari says:

      It took about 15 minutes

      Steps as follows:

      – You give them the tracking no. they check it and let you know that if it is there, you get a number and wait while they retrieve the package, that took about 5 minutes.

      – After I was asked to get a 1 KD [CASH ONLY] stamp (which I did while waiting) a guy took my Civil ID and printed a paper that I had to sign saying I received my package (before clearing it).

      – Went to customs to get the clearence paper.

      – Paid 2.5 KD to Global [Knet/Cash] took the paper back to Customs.

      – Customs checked my package and asked where it came from, a small chat then I left.

      Overall the process is easier now and goes from left to right, Suddiq is closer in general to everywhere in Kuwait than Kaifan and also less dense, that place before was next to the University and Shuwaikh and I used to dread going there.

  2. Mimi says:

    Yay, one more place for my mail to get lost in! On a serious note though, thanks, this is really helpful.

  3. Nasmo says:

    I dont understand. All my mail from USPS or anywhere in the world is delivered by Kaifan Post (where I live) directly to my home in small white cars. I never visited the post office, as everything is delivered to my home. Please tell me why do you have to pick it up then?

    • Meshari says:

      If it the tracking start with an R it gets delievered to you or you pick it up from your area or local post office.

      If it starts with a C you go to the central office, usually the C is faster but requires customs.

      • Mark says:

        Hey, what do you mean it gets delivered to you? I have a package that arrived to Kuwait that starts with R (royal mail), will they deliver it to my office?

  4. Rameez Khan says:

    Well.. There are 2 locations i.e al sadiq and Al Hateen( for express mail or mostly tracking no’s starting with “EE”
    In other cases..the mail if proper address will be sent to thier respective areas’s postoffice and apparently they will “call” once your shipment arrive

    • Mark says:

      From what I know they moved everything for Kaifan to Hateen, and now from Hateen to Sadiq

      • Rameez Khan says:

        I was there last wednesday and they said i need to check salwa postoffice as thats the address i gave..but im confused becoz there is no postoffice there..
        Would appreciate any help tho!

        • Zee says:

          I live in Salwa, and whenever i order something online (usually through ebay) my post comes to the Bayan Post office and they will call you when the post arrives. I suggest you check there. This is the number I have – 25387660.
          However, I have had a lot of trouble getting my posts when sent from any other European country or local posts sent from America.

    • Meshari says:

      Hateen is for EMS (Express shipping)
      Suddiq is for Regual mail that does not get delievered to your area (Letter C, packages greater than 2 kilo grams).

      • Rameez Khan says:

        So in my case …they asked me to go to salwa postoffice..there no post office where do i go?? Salmiya??

        • Meshari says:

          They usually call you to pick up your mail if it arrived, if your number was included in the package.

          Salwa had a post office years ago but it closed down and moved to Bayan, later on they moved from Bayan to Mishref.

          So check in Mishref for your package.

      • Mark says:

        This is all getting too confusing. Why can’t they just put all the mail in one place??

        • Meshari says:

          It is very confusing and everytime it gets more confusing, my package came from Austria otherwise I would’ve used a proxy mail forwarding service.

          Mail should be a community focus service but unfortunatly here it is lacking the fundemental structure to make it reliable. You can’t check tracking if you send a mail. nor you can check weither it landed in Kuwait or not so you play a guessing game.

  5. Rameez Khan says:

    You can check here
    It shows my package arrived since the 13th of sept in salwa !!anyhow will check mishref as well..thanks.

  6. Quintin says:

    i live in Salwa, all my parcels for the past 3 years go to Bayan Post Office :) opposite the Mcdonald’s and burgan bank. it’s revamped also, bran new interior and doors etc.

  7. Dalal says:

    Anyone know the timing?

    It says 1pm to 8pm on google maps although I think they meant 8AM TO 1PM


  8. Janna says:

    Sorry for offtop.. Dies anyone know what to do if they lost my parcel in Kuwait? Whom to call or email? Thanks

  9. Abdul Majid Altujar says:

    Hi! I’ve just tracked an order and its ready to pick up in the sudeeq 82,is it the same alsadiq mail office?

  10. Maria says:

    Hi, I have a package around 3.2 kgs from the US shipped on Aug 27, tracking No. starts with CH. In the USPS Website, it says “Transit to Destination” since Sept 3 and on MOC website in “Kuwait Mail Sorting Center” since Aug 31. I have been to Siddiq Post Office 3x already to check my package but they are saying to check again next week. Does it really takes around 1 month to receive the package? I think my shipper did not include any phone number in the package and I think this causes the delay.

  11. laura says:

    I have the same problem. do you discover?

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