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The Commercial Bank of Kuwait – 1972

A scan of a postcard from 1972 showing the beautiful Commercial Bank of Kuwait building from back then. For more old postcards, click here.

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عجيييييب… شكرا , غيرك عندهم إدارات و ما حصلوا على هذي الصوره …. أهل “يا زين تراثنا” ما يدرون عنها

I had a vast array of these colour picture postcards from Kuwait of the 60s and 70s in my collection, and I would write my cousins on the back of these every chance I would get. The one thing that stuck out for both me and them is just how spiffy K-town looked in every single one of them. It’s almost as if everything were picture postcard perfect. I now realise there was still a functioning Baladeya back then.

The did not demolish it as such. Just renovated and redid the outer facade.
If I remember correctly, there was a time between late 90s – 2007 when they had aluminum facade outside the building – that was eventually replaced with the stone facade as it stands today.

Aah yes you’re right didn’t notice Souk Al Manakh in the second pic Mark shared.

Definitely looked better in its original shape and thank God Gulf Bank hasn’t ruined its original facade.

You are right there. Kuwait compares to Beirut in that sense. They both never really bounced back after the crises to plague each of these amazing places.

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