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I found out about Herafy through Tamara’s Teaspoons instragram account. If you don’t already know about Tamara, she’s a super talented artist who creates handmade polymer clay and resin charms that are mostly food related. You can check out her instagram account [Here] to see what I’m talking about or check out the photo below.


Anyway so Herafy is a small store in Al Rai that has everything you need to get into this hobby and what caught my interest is not only do they supply all the items, but they also hold clay classes in the store as well. It’s such a random hobby which is why I thought I thought it would be interesting to share on the blog. So if you’re looking for a new hobby, check out the Herafy instagram account @7erafy or visit their website where they have an online store selling all their products [Here]

Second photo via @ayacocoa.kw

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  1. 7erafy says:

    On behalf of Herafy store and Tamara, Thank you so much for this post! Tamara will give a miniature pizza class this Saturday too. We specialize in clays and mold-making & casting materials as well.

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