Animal deaths at the zoo

Post by Mark

Kids with slingshots are killing animals at the zoo.
How messed up is that? [Link]

via American Girls World

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  1. Azz says:

    They need education. Real bad!!

    • KZ says:

      i dont think its education as much as a sense of humanity… basic respect for all living things…seems like cruelty is just an in born trait to many in this country .right from beating/torturing maids to animals

  2. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    There was also recently a sign by the camel enclosure that one of the camels died after ingesting plastic bags. Sad sad sad.

    The slingshot should be a criminal offense; the amount of trash that people actually FEED to the animals (yes, I saw people actually laughing and letting the giraffe eat a chip bag!) and the trash left blowing around for animals to eat is inhumane. Kuwait needs to hire outside zoologists and re-make the zoo in a bigger area with proper habitats and fencing. The zoo here just makes me sad.

  3. Saud says:

    This is the first true sign of a psychopath in the making.

  4. It’s such a shame when animals are held in captivity at a zoo (assuming they’re getting proper care) only to be abused and tortured by those who visit.

    I have no doubt many will reply to this post with comments such as ‘what about humans being tortured, etc’, totally respectable. But diverting the topic is only avoiding the importance of educating people on proper animal care.

    Furthermore, animal abuse is often a sign a child has experienced something traumatic in their life — possibly some form of abuse. It’s important for parents to be educated and understand animal abuse is not just a ‘phase’ a child goes through in life.

    • Nick Diaz says:

      If you dont like it, get out of here.

        • Nick Diaz says:

          no no please stay, i was kiddin. Ill go stand outside the zoo tommorow and frisk all the punks…..and all the ladies too. Where u at george?

      • Kuwaiti says:

        how old are you?? it’s your racist uneducated uncultured ass type that brings to this world these morons…

        This is the new world if you don’t like it you get out ass whipe!

        • Nick Diaz says:

          said the man who was raised by his underpaid lankan/philipina maid. You really think most kuwaitis have 8 kids? and 50kd wouldnt cut the bare expenses of raising one of them(on kubs and water). And FYI pal, the avenues perpetrator was bedoun not kuwaiti. Consider yourself schooled (btw its ass wipe not ass whipe)

          • nYx says:

            Your doctor called, said you should NOT discontinue the prozac! You really bring on a new breed of “on my shit list type of people”; and while you’re at correcting grammar, its spelt ‘Filipina’.

        • W says:


          Well said, Kuwaiti! Unfortunately, there are MANY “Nick Diaz” type a-holes roaming our streets and polluting the air we breathe. *sigh*

    • Desert Girl says:

      I don’t understand what part of her post is racist. Racist against whom? The animals?? Is it because of her login name that you’re calling her a racist? Then who becomes the racist? WTF.

      I don’t care where you are from, if I see anyone hurting an animal, I want to hurt that person back in response.

      Why not go down to the maternity hospital and start hitting the babies with slingshots? Same theory applies: Defenseless and helpless.

    • Caesar says:

      Thanks american girl for sharing the link!

    • DjHams says:

      Only in Kuwait(and the rest of the non-West) would actions be justified. This is why I am glad to have left Kuwait. When I was a child, I spent many many days at the Zoo. I would always see other kids pull tigers tails, throw stones at the other animals. They were all what appeared to be Bedouins. No civilized person did this, and just them.

  5. Rehab says:

    Spoiled Brats ! from bus to malls to Amusement parks !

  6. Kuwaiti says:

    It’s these greedy uneducated dumb f*#$ parents who care about getting 8 kids or more to get the KD 50 for each child and let the streets raise them… same ones that do the stabings and drive like f*#$ knobs… uneducated and parentless… what do you expect!

  7. JM says:

    It makes you wonder, who really belongs in the cage?

  8. JM says:

    No, it’s because most of these kids were raised in families that are not much more sophisticated than the animals they are killing. You cannot expect civilized behavior from uncivilized people.

  9. sooli says:

    they should have security checks at the door to check for anything that might harm the animals. this is so sad, this society needs more awareness about many things, 9ij 9ij la3at chabdy men hal deera welli feha we3

  10. JuventinaQ8 says:

    I wonder where are their parents?!!

    • W says:

      It doesn’t matter because their parents don’t give a F&%*#! As long as their kids are roaming around like cage-less animals and they don’t have to babysit them, they could care less about what they’re doing. The parents are probably sitting under a tree having a picnic & drinking tea…

      BTW, there’s a really cute park in Shaab with a duck/goose pond which is surrounded by a gate (I don’t know whose smart idea that was with the amount of wild kids around), and I’ve seen the kids climb the gate to get to the poor ducks– and their parents just stand there and WATCH. I’ve also seen them throw things at the poor ducks just so they can watch them move/run! WTF??? There are some seriously IDIOTIC & irresponsible parents out there!! They should remove those poor ducks/geese!

  11. Dino says:

    Looks like these kids r getting training…..1st to the zoo with sling shot then

    parents drop them to avenues with knifes….

  12. lulz says:

    They should make a cryptozoology cage at the zoo and put those kids along with their parents inside so I can throw banak and sunflower seeds at them.

  13. zaitsev says:

    you know what its not the kids fault..its those animals for parents they have. who should be in the zoo….
    too bad this is the future generation of kuwait

  14. Lily says:

    what kind of messed up shit is that ? =/

  15. WTF says:

    I doubt this was a Kuwaiti, no one goes to that shitty zoo. I dont know one kuwaiti who has been there and I asked around.

    Probably some expat arab. Who the fuck walks around with a slingshot?

    • Samuel says:

      Yeah!!!Who goes to the shitty place called zoo we go to even shittier places like malls and cafes where in which we shit and go home. BTW we can’t see animals because we got only one Eyeball and multiple sexual organs.We are a complete Different Breed of human beings and who gives a shit about zoo’s and animals when we can ourselves make them.!!!! We are brothers WTF!!!

  16. Areej says:

    I am sick and tired of the Zoo of humans in Kuwait. There’s a difference between a person and mass of wasted oxygen walking the ground.

  17. This is sick, I first posted about animal cruelty at the zoo a couple years back and as recent as a few months ago. There are NO security guards who have the balls to tell people to stop what they are doing. Last time the scurity guard couldn’t stop the old arab lady from taking tree branches to feed the animals. There were Indian kids in the goose exhibit running after them so no one has any respect and the guards are useless! I think they should raise the entrance fee and use the extra money to hire more security. It’s not just Kuwaiti people who act like animals at the zoo, it’s expats as well. If Kuwaiti citizens have no respect for their country then neither will expats! FYI- Zoo animals do not eat arabic bread or puffak!!!!!!!!!

  18. neoark25 says:

    It isn’t messed up, they do that to street animals, children seek attention by doing trouble, they do trouble because their parents do not give them enough attention, it is very simple psychology actually.

  19. Desert Girl says:

    I went to the zoo – ONCE – in 1997, I believe. I vowed it would be the last time and it has been. I never ever ever want to see that kind of suffering again.

    During the Occupation in 1990/91, I was getting calls in Washington DC from people who wanted to help save the animals in the Kuwait Zoo from the destruction that the Iraqi military caused. Now who is going to save them?? And WHO IS PROTECTING THEM? So sad.

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