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Changing Pet Procedures at the Airport

Last week I posted about a pet cat called Winston that got lost and later died at the airport after it was taken from its owner to be sent to the cargo terminal.

The cat owner has now set up a gofundme page to pay for her legal fees in suing NAS, the company that the airport uses to transport the pets from the main terminal to the cargo terminal and the ones who lost her cat. She also wants to try and change the procedures for arriving pets at the airport. From some of the comments I’ve read by other people who’ve traveled with their pets, the procedure at the Kuwait airport is inconsistent and in most cases unnecessary.

If you want to support her fight then here is the link to her gofundme.

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That’s Really Messed up, Like I would love to travel with my dog but when we experienced what happens to our dog during the first time we came back from USA now our dog is sitting in Kuwait and I would never put her back on what she faced when she arrived to Kuwait again. hope she can win this case and re adjust the laws on pet rights and owners

I faced a similar issue when I arrived to Kuwait with my cat, I stayed at NAS for no less than 6 hours because the “vet” was asleep and was hiding in his room somewhere, not to mention the tedious procedure, despite having proof that the cat is well vaccinated and micro-chipped and I even prepared an import invoice thing from the ministry of agriculture and fisheries, they had me go through lots of paperwork, paying useless fees and going all around, all whilst my cat is sitting in the corner somewhere and they refused to let me give her some water to drink, but I snuck in and got her some water. On a seperate occasion, my sister went to Kuwait with the same cat and she literally just walked out, not a single question was asked. (Both flights were egyptair as they allow the cat to be in the cabin with us)

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Hello everyone, I would like to share with everyone who have concerns about taking their pets to their home country as I was also very confused as little information is available for transporting pets outside of kuwait. The first step anyone should take is ask the airlines they are going with if they allow pet travel during covid-19. As per my knowledge Qatar Airways and Emirates are taking pets to travel outside of kuwait. The flight I have chosen for my 4 furry cat pets was emirates airline as I had to travel from kuwait to karachi ( Pakistan). So, this would explain the procedures for emirates airline.
1. Ticket Booking
Book your ticket before 1 month and 20days. Tell your airline the number of pet your travelling with. The airline allows 2 pet per person. Maximum of 5 pets can travel in emirates. You can place 2 cats in one crate but the crate size would be increased. 48 hours before travelling on emirates you will have to fill a form stating your pet information. A confirmation letter should come from the airline. You have a choice of taking your pet as excess baggage or cargo. Excess baggage being the cheaper method. The price would vary accordingly.

Taking your cats

a. As check in baggage if flying on EK

When the animal n cage combined do not exceed weight 23 kgs n Dimensions 59 inch / 150 cms. $500

When the animal n cage combined do not exceed weight between 24-32 kgs n Dimensions between 59 inc/ 150 cms n 118 inc n 300 cms. $650

When the animal n cage combined do not exceed weight is over 32 kgs n Dimensions between 59 inc/ 150 cms n 118 inc n 300 cms. $800

You may cross check this with charges as cargo.

2. Country requirement- Kuwait for exporting
Inoder to export your pet outside of kuwait you need to get your pet vaccinated from a certified veterinarian. In kuwait you can get it done from dohwama hospital, animal hospital, ivf or zoo care. I would recommend dohwama as its 18kd for all the vaccinations and they will provide you will a pet passport which would be needed at the airport. Moreover, your pet needs to be vaccinated. The vaccination should be done more then 30 days before travelling. So my flight is on 22nd September, so I had to vaccinate them 2nd August which is more then 30days.Moreover, 10days before travelling you need to get a health certificate from public authority of agricultural affairs and fish resources hence on 12th Sept the health certificate will be taken as it has only a validity of 10 to 15days. Your vet would explain it better.These are the documents required for exporting. Importing documents would vary country to country. There is a lovely lady who can handle all your documentation work for a fee I.e pettravel. She guided me thank you dear.

Emirates will not permit the transport of the following breeds. Mixes will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the local SkyCargo office: American Cocker Spaniel, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Brussels Griffon, Bulldog (all types), Bullmastiff, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua (Apple Headed), Chow Chow, Dogo Argentino, Dogue de Bordeauz, Japanese Chin, Lhasa Apso, Lowchen, Neopolican Mastiff, Newfoundland, Pekinese, Pit Bull Terrier, Pub (all types), Shar-Pei, Shih Tzu, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tibetan Spaniel.

Cats: , Burmese, Exotic Shorthair, Exotic Fold (Foldex), Himalayan, Persian, Scottish Fold, Selkirk Rex.

3. Buying the right crate
It is necessary to buy the right crate for your pet. The pet head should not touch the crate top. There should be enough space to move in it. They should be given proper food and water bowls attached. The crate should have screws bolts not the plastic on the side. The airline will calculate the size of the crate by adding the length, width and dimension all together. If carried as excess baggage the payment would be done at the check in counter. To buy the crate I found petbarn to be reasonable for my cat as a medium crate cost like 20kd as I will be taking my 2 cats in one crate.

4. For cargo
There are cargo companies that would handle all the shipment procedures for you i.e fast logistics being one which can help you. But they will charge their own fees which would be expensive.

5. On the travel date
Keep all your documents with you and reach atleast 4 hours before your flight. So you can finish all the procedure. Your pet would be put through the check in area along with the other luggages. There is a separate compartment for pet in the plane.

I hope this answers everyone questions and please share this so everyone would be aware about the procedure because when I started by research work it was difficult to get thr right information and wished someone would have answered to my questions. Thank you 😊

The only way to change any law or procedure in Kuwait is to get a member of parliament to voice it, they are the most powerful people in Kuwait and the only people who can actually change anything for better or worse

Are those current procedures because of NAS or because of official requirements?

That’s the first question to ask.

I’m sure they will be official requirements but ‘NAS’ just doesn’t know how to perform the task property! Reason being laid back attitude of the staff working there. I mean the vet himself said that he hasn’t examined a pet in years till date!

This issue isn’t just with the procedures. The environment that NAS leaves the pets in are unacceptable. From the stories that people have been leaving, the area has no AC, its warm and it’s not a well ventilated location. So it’s just a stressful place to be for animals, on top of the stress of flying.

My wife and I always travels with our pet dog from kuwait to Europe, east Asia and the states! The requirements are very clear at Kuwait Airport! We never had any issue always when our papers are clear and complete.
And according to my last experience a couple of months ago NAS never transfers the pet to the cargo area when departing it only gets transferred there on the way back and by the time we get our bags and shift to the cargo terminal the pet would be there already and it would take around 2 hours till all the customs papers are clear and they would handle us the dog!

I agree that rules at kuwait airport are not pet friendly. Last year I had to wait about 3 to 4 hours at NAS to get my dog. We are already tired after a flight and we travel as a family so it’s really difficult to wait with luggage n kids etc.

In India, we don’t have any issue when we land. The Agriculture and fisheries department has an employee posted only on airport duty to clear pets. It’s so easy… he takes us through customs where we get the papers verified and stamped and we walk out in 15 mins.

If India can be pet friendly, I don’t see why kuwait has such long procedures. And they make u dance from one building to another at NAS in the hot sun to get all the paperwork done. Very unprofessional.

I would be so glad if I could just walk out with my pet like I do in India. Please make the process easier.

A safety suggestion to all pet owners… please use cable ties to secure your pets crate. I do it each time. That way no one can open it and your pet can’t escape. If anyone tampers with the cable ties u will know.

Good Morning Victoria. Can you please share information on import to India. Did you process all the import paperwork yourself or have an agency do it for you? I want to take my pet to India when the International Airport opens. Please share any information that can help me. Thank you!

Im posting here hoping to find some answer or Idea if the situation is easy if leaving Kuwait to US? I hope it is not as hard like arriving in kuwait with pets


I will be flying to Kuwait with my ESA dog (Emotional support animal) from California. I was told that Kuwait airport dgca laws do not allow dogs to walk on their feet in Kuwait international airport.

But I have been told different things from different people that works in the kuwait airport. Someone said they have to be on a carry-on bag and I have asked them if there’s a weight restriction because my dog is 23 kg, and they said no as long as the dog is on a carry-on bag in Kuwait airport. Someone else said they have to arrive in the cargo and not inside the cabin with me in the airplane.

If they don’t have actual laws visible for the public online or on their website, what makes these laws actually truthful? If they will tell the airlines im flying with that my dog cannot be with me inside of the airplane even when its a therapy emotional dog, which could affect my health being, I would expect to see the actual law showing her size is not allowed to arrive to Kuwait in the cabin.

I understand that Kuwait is not dog friendly, but they should have the laws clear and visible to public, this is beyond stressful for me and makes me not want to come back to Kuwait ever again.

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