Eagle Rescued

Post by Mark


Employees at the Radisson Blu Hotel noticed an eagle was sitting on a ledge in the parking lot. They knew something was wrong because you could walk up right to it and it wasn’t flying off. They contacted K’S PATH who arrived 20 minutes later and were able to catch the eagle with the help of the hotels security. The eagle had some strings attached to its feet most likely from a poachers trap and because it was so windy yesterday it could have gotten exhausted after escaping from the trap.


K’S PATH have a short video of them feeding the eagle and you can watch it [Here]

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  1. Desert Girl says:

    Great photo for the Radisson! :) I love these happy ending stories.

  2. Nicolas says:

    Great! :)

  3. JAsim says:

    That employee was my father Mr.saleh alatwan who catch this bird and gave it to Chef.David :)))

  4. bu3amraz says:

    for the past two weeks, there’s another one a bit lighter in color,could be a falcon, living right above my office window at work, but I cant reach it, so if any one could advice on what we can do ? :)

    thank you

  5. Roopesh says:


    It all boils down to education at early stages of life.Hopefully things will change. Man should realize that they are the ONLY threat to other species.

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