Hunting Ducks with a Slingshot in Hyde Park

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According to @KuwaiT_ALYoum, British authorities are looking for a Kuwaiti teenager who was filmed hunting ducks with a slingshot in Hyde Park. I couldn’t find another source for this information but I did find the video that went viral and you can watch it below (its safe).


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  1. Nixon says:


  2. Dino Mathew says:

    Soon he will try killin humans …..nothin new….

  3. Andy says:

    Racist much?

  4. Pedro says:

    So Now one Person Effects the whole nation wow !! Thanks for the Racism Bud!! @S. that comment just shows how mentally dissordered you are.

  5. Taz says:

    Why are you generalizing? What an idiot!

  6. Ali says:

    Are you somehow implying that you have a brain?

    • bask says:

      why, are u implying otherwise? are u under the impression that we are the shrine of intelligence? the temple of liberties or the founders of human understanding!?! put the news on for 15 minutes and see how civilized we are, check what advancement we bring to the world and yes, a kid that is only raised in the arab world would be hunting ducks in hyde park with a sling shot!! also from the age probably his parents are sitting watching him!…… I’m not proud of saying this, but at least i have the courage not to instill fake patriotism of being arab just because i am one, id rather admit we have a problem and try and fix it….S. statement was racist but its not generalized much, look around you and the only generalization is to claim that we are intelligent as a society.

  7. a says:

    is he really Kuwaiti?

    I don’t believe it, he has a weird accent

  8. a says:

    He doesn’t talk Kuwaiti, his accent is weird

  9. 3azeez says:

    I think birds in the Hyde park are protected by the Queen. Seriously.

  10. 3azeez says:

    Doesnt look like the Hyde park to me.

  11. Heartshapedname says:

    He’s not Kuwaiti.

    Anyone with half a brain and a basic understanding of the way Kuwaitis speak would know.

  12. Roy Shrejmann says:

    i live in the UK and i will tell the Authorities about his name … proud doing it and yes i hate beduins

    • Simple Man says:

      Good for you turn in the little hoodlum. But I got to say as a kid we used to hunt crows in the cemetery with our sling shots never hit one I was a bad shot.

      However if my farther found out he would have wooped my ass good that is the main difference most likely his parents were there watching no respect for others.

  13. Hyde design says:

    Forget what nationality or race he is. He is a disturbed kid period suffering bad parenting like so many others we see around us in the malls, at the movies and on the roads and yes,in cyberspace too.
    Makes you wonder- does Kuwait have an even bigger problem of juvenile delinquency and cruelty toward animals than it does childhood obesity?!

  14. Zee says:

    I honestly believe hes saudi arabian that accent doesnt quiet sound kuwaiti at all bur dont let one arab take an impression to the world that all arabs are like that it honestly has to do with the way hes rised or the friends he hangs out that influence his behaviors never judge us arabs from what you see on tv, youtube, or news. In the US a lot of crazy unbelievable things happpen but that doesnt mean all americans are crazy too makes sense. Just let it make sense that from one persons action doesnt represent all arab nation. Hope that God judges him and put him through a challenge to feel and learn from his mistakes with what hes doing to the harm to the ducks, but than again people we eat ducks they do get haunted and served on our plates hes just harming them becuz hes not killing them just letting them suffer overall closure God will do what he deserves if not this lifetime probly the next. peace :)

  15. napalm jelly says:

    Serious question, what’s the objective difference between him and people who hunt for sport? Are people who hunt ducks somehow more “civic” because they use guns and make duck noises?

    Note that I don’t condone what he did. Killing animals is only justified when done for food or protection. However, the discrepancy between the way this person is presented verses the way sportsmen are is disgusting.

    • Mark says:

      no one is allowed to hunt ducks in Hyde Park.

    • AJ says:

      Hunting in the UK isn’t as easy as taking a slingshot and shooting birds wherever you see them. There’s a system for things: times of the year in which you can shoot specific birds, how many you can shoot, you need a license, you have to be on licensed hunting grounds etc (the list goes on). Silly comment, Mr Jelly.

  16. aussi says:

    He is not Kuwaiti ? Why the second video says “this is not chabd” ?

  17. Big D is a B says:

    he a b

  18. Killjoy with Kilroy says:

    I only hope and pray that this boy when he grows up into a boy man practises contraception and does not beget more such as him on this planet. The world will be a richer place for it absent his spawn.

    @napalm jelly: I know where you are coming from. Although hunting ducks in Hyde Park cannot be condoned or is not quite the same thing as foxhound hunting, in principle, you are right. The latter because it is a gentrified sport with licensing laws and all, not many will bat an eyelid at it and most especially because their serene bloody highnesses the Spencers whole heartedly patronize the sport if you can even call it that. But still it doesn’t make it any less vile- hunting is only killing for pleasure. I fail to see too much difference between the uncouth ways of this yob and that of the gentry in England with a licence to KILL.

    Your point is well taken, Mr. Napalm.

  19. Tester says:

    Why is everyone so concerned about where this kid is from. Kuwaiti/Saudi/Bedouin. Who gives a shit. The point is this retard is sat in the middle of a public park trying to hunt ducks with what I presume is his father video taping him and cheering him on when he gets a direct hit. Slingshot in public is concered a weapon. Two offences he should be charged with.

  20. Talal says:

    Education is key. educate them in schools and they won’t be doing such things. Like TESTER said everyone should not be concerned with where this kid is from, focus on the issue at hand.

    • Talal says:

      I wanted to add that some teenagers are stupid they don’t think so its not a matter of where this kid came from.

  21. Moe says:

    Can anyone Confirm that at The begging of the video the person that’s filming actually said the dudes name? And their probably most likely from sudia

    • Buzfairy says:

      I think the name was said. The dad’s name was shown. And maybe the account nick too.

      I mean, yeah, why hasn’t he been picked up already if he was really sought after by the British authorities? Then again, Interpol might be too slow in following up on low crime offenses like his.

      I think what he did has socially harmed us, not necessarily that illegal or horrific of a thing to do. But just the right thing to do to get people to hate us even more. I mean come one dude, sling shooting a duck? Crass and dumb much?

  22. Matt says:

    Duck Dynasty: The Middle East

    • Ahmad 'O' Arafa says:

      Bahahahahha yes this must be Phil Robertson’s long lost Gulfie son! Good G-d, don’t these shady Saudi men have their hands tied in London with all their shopping, sleeping with male hookers & drinking haram booze? Now they feel the need to commit crimes such as vandalizing government property (i.e. shooting the ducks which is a UK crime).

  23. q8expat says:

    Dad to Kid…. ” son we off to the US in Nov…. we can get some turkeys the same way…….”

  24. Ahmed says:

    I reported him today to the police.

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