Inside a Pigeon Auction in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I mean I might be able to understand how a pigeon can sell for KD45,000 but what I can’t understand is why the venue in such poor shape. If I was throwing that much money around I’d expect a 5-star venue and I’d also probably store the pigeon in something fancier than a cardboard box. [YouTube]


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  1. 69 says:

    You realize that this is all money laundering, right? No sane person would buy a pigeon for 45,000kd.

  2. Sala6a says:

    5 star does not even compete to win for such an event !! … Something insane like that has to happen in such a place !

  3. Fajer a. says:

    whats so special about that pigeon?

  4. Zaid says:

    These are serious people mark. They don’t have time for pomp and pretense. Straight to the quality pigeon on trade son. Some “High qual Pige” right there.

  5. vampire says:

    This, and goats of thousands KDs are all money laundering

  6. alex says:

    money laundering to pay for what? drugs or weapons or something else?

    • aaa says:

      It’s not to buy illegal things, it’s to make legitimate money you shouldn’t have. Money laundering is taking money you shouldn’t have and basically turning it into something legitimate.

      So for example:

      I have 50,000 KD I got as a bribe (probably the most common thing here)
      I want to spend it on a new car but I drive a 1990 mitsubishi pick up and it’ll be really obvious I took a bribe
      Get a friend to buy an expensive pigeon for 45,000 KD

      Buy it from him for “50,000 KD” with no money changing hands. Sell it to another friend for “50,000KD” that you gave him yourself. You give each of them part of your bribe as thanks for helping out. Now if anyone asks where you got the 50k you tell them you sold a sheep, and your friends will back up that they bought and sold the sheep to you.

      This is vastly oversimplifying it and if you do something this obvious you’ll probably get caught but yeah that’s the gist of it. This is why paintings sell for millions and millions – I posted an article above but in China you’re not allowed to take too much money outside of the country… but you CAN buy a $20 million painting, take it outside of the country, then sell it for $19.9 million the next day.

  7. Pigeon Holing says:

    :) :) :) bas!

  8. To Catch a Pidgin says:

    I sincerely hope to God they require everyone to wear a nose mask at the auction, as much for cosmesis as for protecting their own health.

  9. neoark says:

    Money Laundry is houses prices in kuwait raising up twice it’s original prices, it used to be 60k k.d. now it’s 160k.d. which is cheapest house, more than just twice, triple it prices, these pigeons are special ones that has unique breed, however I know it used to be sold in 1-3k k.d. but that price is ridiculously high.

    because Falcons prices are 10-15k k.d. there is no way a pigeon price raise up higher than falcon

  10. Yousef says:

    45000 KD for a pigeon !!!?? I’d rather buy a decent flat or house with that amount. spending that much on an animal that could die any moment or at least get eaten, Sanity!!!. sheeshh

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