Kuwait Zoo Ticket Price to Increase

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The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) is planning to increase the tickets of the Kuwait Zoo from 250 fils to KD 2, reports Al-Rai daily quoting informed sources.

They revealed that the Director of PAAAFR Eng. Faisal Al-Hasawi said this decision is part of a policy aimed to reduce the financial losses resulted from the bad behaviors of some visitors which affect the animals so badly that money is required for treating the animals and maintaining the zoo. [Source]

I would generally be against raising ticket prices since it would make the zoo less accessible to the lower income bracket. But, when I published my article “Why the Kuwait Zoo is a disaster“, the conclusion was that the biggest problem at the zoo were the visitors and one of the solutions I had suggested was to increase the ticket price. Not because the lower income visitors were the cause of the problems but by increasing the ticket prices, less visitors would end up going to the zoo overall which would be more beneficial for the animals.

Also aren’t ticket prices currently 500fils and not 250fils?

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  1. Matt says:

    The Maboula Wild Animal Park is usually entertaining on Fridays. It’s also free.

  2. Wahab says:

    Who still goes to the animal torture chambers?

  3. meh says:

    And nobody thought of punishing the visitors?

    • Mark says:

      well they’ve just starting punishing people for smoking indoors, so give it some time maybe they’ll start putting proper security a the zoo to kick people out

  4. Neo says:

    I strongly feel that they should totally revamp the Zoo…

    Get the team of experts who worked with the best zoos in the world , to come here and turn this zoo around… Am sure it would make a huge difference.

    Once that is done , Revise the rates, charge same or higher than the Scientific Center,
    As an example.
    On Week Days : KD 4 Children & KD 6 Adults
    On Weekends : KD 6 Children & KD 8 Adults

    Even during the Public Holidays, they should keep the admission fees.

    c)Get rid of the hawkers selling peanuts, chips, plastic toys etc. at the entrance. This would definitely discourage feeding the animals to some extent.

    d)Restrict all sorts of Food Availability & Consumption inside the Zoo, to the Food Court Area.

    Won’t work out overnight but surely in the long run.

  5. Anonymous says:

    FYI, the scientific center sucks! I was there last month, and saw how they keep big animals in small glass cages!! some poor animals were walking back and forth like a crazy person cause i bet they go nuts inside.. they had a fuckin grown ass python in a tiny ass cage!! animal cruelty at its best.

    • Hello. There are minimum standards for animal cages and displays in all zoos and Aquariums world wide. All accredited zoos and aquariums MUST comply with the minimum standards. The size of displays in The Scientific Center is larger than what’s required. In addition, we have an open space on the roof of the building where we take all our animals and birds to walk around and breathe fresh air. This is done on a regularly and scheduled basis.


      • Nicolas says:

        Don’t worry about negative comments. You guys are really cool! Everything looks well managed, clean and staff is very friendly and helpful.

        It’s really hard to find places like this in Kuwait.

  6. Digital Nerd says:

    Can anyone give me a dropped-pin location of The Maboula Wild Animal Park? Never been there.

  7. Digital Nerd says:

    Can anyone give me a dropped-pin Goolgle Map location of The Maboula Wild Animal Park? Never been there.

  8. Abdulrahman says:

    Zoos are animal prisons. it is a slave show.

  9. Ipsom says:

    I wouldn’t paying 2kd to go to the zoo

  10. dee32 says:

    I can’t remember ever going to a zoo in say Europe and paying less than 5kd approx. some are even much more. In tern the zoo is clean and well taken care of.

    It can be argued that if you place a higher value on something people will consider it of a higher better quality and alter their behavior towards it, which I hope would be the case here. People are taking the zoo for granted at the moment and abusing it.

    I really do believe places if managed and designed properly have the power to alter people’s behavior and perception of it.
    That is why the only thing that needs to be done along with increasing the price is taking care of the zoo more constantly and even introducing new things to it, even if its as simple as providing new clean benches or uplifting the landscape.

  11. Bader says:

    Why not shut the place down. Rebuild the zoo make it indoor.This way when I look at animal it won’t look like it’s on its deathbed and they looked miserable it was heart-rending.

    If they are able to make a proper indoor zoo that will accommodate animals from different environments and climates so they look remotely happy. Heck!! ill pay 7-8KD for a ticket

    For now all I dream about is a Blacklist of animal abusers/s.
    taff abusers and Vandals.

  12. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    2kd is still pretty cheap, considering the admission fees to some places. If they raise the price and use that to refurbish the zoo (or rebuild it somewhere else), it will be a much better situation.

  13. mentabolism says:

    Didnt they sell all the animals in the zoo??

  14. Nicolas says:

    Just write 500KD fines to parents of every kid who will feed animals. It worked for smokers in shopping malls and it will works in Zoo as well.

    Last time I went there with my son, parents were encouraging their kids to feed popcorn and chips to animals :( Stupidity level of some parents are unbelievable.

  15. shadow says:

    Hippies, Hypocrites and Liberals….. I should write a book

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