Lion Cub cruising in Bida’a

Post by Mark

One of these days an exotic animal is going to maul a driver and only then will anyone think about banning them. [Link]

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  1. Deserves a punch in the face. Waste of food, air and space.

  2. VIP says:

    I would just love to read about the mauling of these bored rich kids.

  3. Danny says:

    If the lion mauls the owner, the lion will be at fault and will be put down. #kuwait

  4. Caesar says:

    what do you expect? If the law and society don’t have strict penalties against this sort of irresponsible behavior (including animal cruelty ), who’s going to worry?

    • l says:

      Keeping lions as pets is illegal in Kuwait. It’s so cute how an orientalist like yourself, Caesar, is pretending to know what Kuwaiti society deems socially acceptable.

      • Marcel says:

        Umm.. you’re quick in accusing Ceasar of being an Orientalist.
        As I read it, he wonders why keeping a lion as a pet doesn’t seem to be a problem. Regardless any existing law to prohibit this, as long as they’re not being enforced, they’re useless. And frankly, this is not the first post I read about people whom showing off their dangerous pet.

        By your explanation, referring to Orientalism, your society has it’s own standards and this is a normal cultural phenomenon which the West doesn’t understand. I find this hard to believe.
        Your opinion is likely been formed by Occidentalism. Cute.

  5. goker says:

    lol.thats insane…

  6. Boss says:

    Animals are always animals – Life of Pie

  7. Almo says:

    Somebody gonna get hurt real bad…

  8. Moofassa says:

    Since Lions are in Kuwait illegally, and have no papers of any sort , are they Deportable ? ;p

  9. The guys look real cool with a baby one but in this video you can see how sissy the guys really are.


  10. id says:

    The stupidity & carelessness comes from the parents that allow those kids to have these kind of animals.

  11. joe says:

    It just shows how bad these guys are raised up.
    They think its really proud , but the fact is that they are just stupid.
    Money in the wrong hands. waste of life.

    • heh says:

      u jelly

    • l says:

      The majority of Kuwaitis don’t keep lions as pets thus you can’t possibly conclude that this is how Kuwaitis are raised.

      • Moofassa says:

        hhmm, Where exactly did he possibly conclude that this is how kuwaitis are raised ?

      • KuwaitiProgrammer says:

        He never said anything about how Kuwaiti’s being raised up , he just talked about these guys, and we very well know how we were bought up,we are lost in money and spoilt its very sad!

      • Hali77 says:

        Not all Kuwaitis, just these dumbasses!!

      • Wishbone says:

        Maybe I understood it wrong but pretty sure Joe was referring to the idiots in the picture.

        • Moofassa says:

          :) im sure he was too… lion cubs are cute and all but once they start growing and their animal instincts start kicking in these idiots wont be able to cruise in Bidaa with it. They will then either pass it along to an even bigger idiot who thinks they can care for a Lion.. or even worse, set it free.. Ultimately, the end result for the Lion, the King of the Jungle, will be its death by the hands of a human..

      • ExtraordiNoory says:

        Your comments are mostly interpretations of what you WANT others to say so that you can justify your butthurt which is completely out of place here. Take a freakin’ chill pill, brah! No one is attacking you or Kuwaitis. Now repeat: GOOOOSFRAAABAAAAA..

  12. zaydoun says:

    Assholes… and asshole parents, and asshole authorities that let them get away with it. I really do hope the lion mauls their faces

  13. Row says:

    Children are the easiest target for these wild animals because they are small, so if this was to escape, a child would likely be its first victim!!! I’m a mother and this terrifies me. This animal isn’t being kept at someone’s farm, it’s being paraded around in areas where myself and my family are in regularly!!! Like mark said, one day one of these animals will maul someone and only then might something be done.

  14. Sfsa7 says:

    Our law makers are too busy coming up with death penalties for “religious crimes”, instead of coming up with…

    Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976
    The ‘Dangerous Wild Animals Act’ of 1976 (22 July) is a law of the United Kingdom that was originally enacted to deal with the increasing fashion in the late 1960s and early 1970s of people keeping interesting pets which were often from the more dangerous species, as well as hybrids between wild and domestic species, such as wolfdogs and Bengal cats. It was increasingly seen as unacceptable—in regards to public safety—for the average citizen to be able to acquire a potentially dangerous animal without some form of regulatory control.

    Its purpose was to ensure that when private individuals kept dangerous wild animals they do so in circumstances which do not create risk to the public and safeguard the welfare of the animals.

    The Act’s schedule designates the species covered, such as many primates, carnivores, larger or venomous reptiles, dangerous spiders and scorpions. Keeping such animals without a licence is unlawful and the state is also allowed to specify where and how the animal is to be kept. This law also requires keepers to have their animals covered by a satisfactory liability insurance policy.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This guy deserves a darwin award..Period!

  16. Fatemh says:

    The lion’s so cute! I remember seeing him a month ago, tried to get a few photos and the driver kinda helped with that. We were near shwaikh on our way back to salmiya to school, we just finished out grad rehersal. OMG cutest creature ever! The lion was playing around in the back. Irresistably adorable – me and my friends couldn’t keep our eyes away from the cub.

    • 0014 says:

      Wow, u r now gonna get an award by the United Nations !! First a lion, den frdly driver, den a creature n finally a cub!! R u serious??? U got any idea wat dat cub must be goin thru staying outa its natural habitat?

      • pardonezmoi says:

        yknow – the present domesticated dogs and cats used to have a natural habitat before man domesticated them. This is just part of a process.

      • 7th says:

        Do you really expect anyone to take you seriously when you talk like that?

        • Fatemh says:

          I don’t need anyone to take me seriously on here. I am just stating my opinion and how I felt at the time.

      • Fatemh says:

        I do. And I do prefer if the animal is in it’s natural habitat – however if a person offers good care and provides really well for the creature then there’s no harm. The animal isn’t being abused – that’s when it gets really serious.

  17. Paul says:

    Owning a lion must be compensation for a tiny penis

  18. Anonymous says:

    I rly hope the lion goes crazy on them and mauls their faces off :)

  19. Saif Usman says:

    Cool guys making good use of yr money.

  20. Qster says:

    Mastiffs and other large breed dogs are banned but Lions are ok WTF

  21. Lily says:

    forget mauling the owner,what if it poops inside the car?!!

  22. Hali77 says:


  23. Nicole says:

    I totally agree with Row! I am a mother of 3 and the thought of my children just going to play or going to the supermarket has know taken on another level of fear. What if it does escape from its owner?? Of course its going to maul whoever is in its path.. And its in places where families gather or in general where anyone could get hurt. Its not worth flaunting around a wild animal that can kill others. People need to respect and think of the wellbeing of others!

  24. Hali77 says:

    Ah yeah photoshop… Why would hormone enraged losers want to be in a pic with the Loch Ness?? That doesn’t exactly say cool..

  25. AndyQ8 says:

    If we’re talking about laws, Kuwait’s leaders stood and signed up to CITES n front of the international community. It’s a shame that nobody enforces the agreement they signed up to because it just makes them look pathetic in front of other world leaders…

  26. Desert Girl says:

    If they maul the owners, I’ll be the first to cheer! Natural selection. I’m on team Big Cat.

  27. Ali Sleeq says:

    Not impressed; call me when someone gets a white tiger or something.

  28. Fatemah says:

    It’s been years I usually read comments mostly from forgeiners about kuwait and day by day I started to get disgusted from them always over exaggerating, lies, hating and jealousy even by adding insults about gulf arabs with money.

    Always the same pointing at a about money this and money that, pointing at products and materials that we buy for ourselves and yet they complain about money not being spent on poor countries which we do donate.

    And this here crossed the limit when you people really hope and wish something bad happens to these kids is beyond in anyways hoping for people you don’t know to get hurt? So you even know these kids or anybody else to make fun off because they have money?

    Yes all we have is oil and guess what? Why import food from outside, do you know where? It’s mostly from India, Asian countries and the west.

    Always complain on food starvation and poverty. Yet you guys have all the materials, beautiful environment and all we have is just

    sand sand and furthermore sand. That we just built more cities and import stuff to our countries. Just to have something to do and see something new, that’s we we’re labelled as materialistic and all that is coming from Your countries that you claim to be the best. Then why don’t you go back home?! Why are you still hating here so much and don’t give me excuses about money, go to the west like America or Europe. I’m quite sure they don’t mind you guys wishing something bad happening to them or celebrating the only money source that they have which they’re suppose to keep for themselves but yet they did share with poor greedy jealous people who do not appreciate what they have.

    • Ashraf says:

      Daym… Chill Lady :P

    • D. says:

      Sorry when you buy a lion you’re agreeing to be mauled at any time.

      If this sounds vaguely like your own words repeated back to you, it’s because they are. The difference between a lion and a rapist though is that lions can’t be expected to help themselves and nobody wants to keep a rapist around.

    • D. says:

      Also I think it’s important to point out to you that not everyone on this page is an expat. I know you’re just dying to spill your xenophobia and racism all over the place, but at least try to pretend it’s somewhat relevant, okay?

  29. spikz says:

    I think it’s pretty cool. Why are everyone complaining about it ?

    Mike Tyson has one too doesn’t he ? Think this improves a guy’s sex appeal a loot.

    Most of y’all seem pretty jelly. Let them boys enjoy life. Be cool.

  30. Ashraf says:

    Question is how did they get it?

    I’m sure the house cat didnt give birth to a lion cup :P

    instead of abusing the guys in the pic.. catch the guys who helped them to get the cub..

    either way.. i think its pretty cool.. they should give it away to the zoo once its of age :P

  31. supermosy says:

    We have to remember where the animal came from. Lions are protected in most African countries – this one has probably been illegally trafficed out of Africa at the behest of a spoiled rich brat who wanted to show off at a diwaniya. The cub was probably ripped off it’s mother, who may have been killed to gain access to this ‘pet’. The question is what will happen to this cub when it grows into a lion/lioness and wants to exercise common ‘lion behaviour’? This animal is probably going to be put down or put in a cave, both of which are terrible outcomes for it. It’s disgusting how Kuwait customs allow animals like this to come through. Are Kuwait’s borders so porous?

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