The Lion Next Door

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One my readers has a strange dilemma which I thought would be interesting to share:

My neighbor in Jabriya has a lioness in his yard and it isn’t chained up or anything. The wall between our houses isn’t high enough and I have a young child who likes to play outside in out yard. We called the police and they didn’t know what to do and told us to go to the police station, so we went to the police station and no one there knew what to do either! We were told to come back in the moring to see someone with a higher rank who “might” know what the law says about this! What a joke!! So they will only do something when this lion attacks someone? Why wait untill someone is hurt or killed to do their job?!?! My question is, is there someone or some place I can contact about this wild animal next door ?!

Somebody recommended he contact K’S PATH but I’m not sure they can do anything about it. Anyone have any other ideas?

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  1. syed says:

    Contact Zoo, in my hometown, if we encounter any wildlife, we are supposed to call Zoo help line and they are well equipped with tranquilizers,transport vehicles and trained staff to deal with such threats.

    • Ashraf says:

      Yeah.. but this isn’t a case like that.. the lioness is a pet.. it’s not a case of spotting the animal.

      this is a legal issue. I’m sure having exotic & dangerous pets is illegal.

  2. pickles says:

    did you try talking to your neighbor first ? you might be surprised and find out that he is the higher rank officer.

  3. phase says:

    Do you live in block 9 in Jabriya ?

      • Sara says:

        Block 9… Street? Building?

        • Row says:

          I won’t put that information on the internet , but it will be passed on to authorities.

          • phase says:

            Yes, dont put that info on the internet, but I think I know which house you’re talking about(the house in question is on a corner if im not mistaken).
            I live on the same street and it really is annoying. Keeps me on my toes at all times since I have young neices and siblings. You’re not just doing yourself good. You are helping us all out, best of luck

  4. q8expat says:

    I say.. we deport the neighbor.. give Rights to the Lion

  5. sam says:

    By law nothing can be done unless there is proof of harm done to you, so how about this cut yourself and go to the Cops saying he attacked you.

  6. Ashraf says:

    Ok.. so i did some research..

    this is what the law says..
    “According to Article No. 243 of the Civil Law, the breeders are responsible for taking care of their animals and also for the damage these animals cause. So in case the animal injures a person, the owner should compensate for the injured person and is responsible for his welfare,”

    Also, there’s a organisation PAAAFR “Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources ” who are equipped to catch these wild animals. however, they are not allowed to enter houses. they can catch the animal from public places, farms etc..

    i think this is their number.. 24761117.

  7. seaduke says:

    i suggest him to build a higher wall which will not let the lion jump to pass the otherside.let your neighbour do whatever he wants with the long as you and your family safe apart from the lion, i think that you will not worry about it.

    • Row says:

      Yeah no way in hell will they change the structure of their walls and make them higher. Honestly I don’t know what to do about this.

      • Nixon says:

        Did u ask?

        • Row says:

          When they built their house ther was an issue about the wall, so it’s a touchy subject. Not worth even exploring.

          • Nixon says:

            No! As u said ur child is at stake!! It’s not like they’re going to hurt you if you talk about it, just be polite.
            If I were in Kuwait I would have personally done it for you lol :p

            • Row says:

              I believe they are more likely to get rid of the lion than change the structure or hight of the wall. I will probably pop over and have a chat about the lion with some other neighbors. I will try all avenues and hopefully we’ll get it sorted, but the lion has to go.

              • seaduke says:

                maybe you can think of a fence in case your neighbour doesnt want to take an know there are strong type of fences which they use in the can build something like this.anchor the fence on the existing wall and it will do the job.i wish you the best of luck.God bless your kid.

  8. Vin says:

    I believe this is a fight or flee conundrum. Generally my instinct on encountering a lioness would be shit pants……run…..fall over…get up……run……catch breath…..wish I did more cardio….run….

    Difficult but safest decision MOVE.

  9. lemd says:

    I am a Grade 2 teacher in Kuwait. One of my students has a cheetah. The cheetah tore her leg and arm open in play. I spoke to a Brigadier in the police force. He told me there is nothing the police can do. Many people own wild animals. This same family have just purchased 2 baby leapords. Poor poor cats!!!

    • aaa says:

      The police can’t get involved in a LOT of stuff if it happens in a private house. It’s good in some respects – you can do whatever you want in your own home as long as it doesn’t bother someone else – but then you end up with idiot parents buying animals that can kill their kids and it becomes very hard to do something about it.

  10. Kuwait says:

    He’s got a lioness, you go get a lion.


  11. Jake says:

    Report it to you local Biladiya office (Municipality) – they are very helpful, in my experience, and are actually at work during their duty hours. If they can’t help, they will point you in the right direction, with advice on how to go about it.

  12. Saif Usman says:

    Kill it or atleast die trying

  13. Row says:

    I’m the one that posted about the lioness. I’ll try and talk to the neighbors about it, but I don’t know if that will work. And yes they are in block 9 Jabriya. He even walks it around the area ! I don’t understand how it is legal to have a wild animal in a suburb ?

  14. mm says:

    Having wild animals is legal in many places, over 10 states in the US have it legal to own wild/exotic animals including texas. The police station acted within the law they cannot arrest the person if there is no law stating that owning a lion is illegal as crazy as it might sound, and police act according to law not according to what they think is correct or not.

    Your best option is to speak to the actual owner and voice your concerns, if he’s a decent neighbor he might respond, if not you can move to a different location.

    • Row says:

      We built our home in this area before there were even road! They built their house 2 decades later, we aren’t moving anywhere. I don’t want the person arrested. I want the animal removed to an appropriate location. In the states people have larger land, here we are wall to wall! I think that makes a huge difference.

      • Vin says:

        If you own the house, why don’t you build a high wall or a chain link or barb wire fence. A competent company can put it up within a week I suppose.

        • Row says:

          Yes barb wire fence or electric fence might be an option. But he also walks it around the streets. Maybe we’ll have to get a large group of neighbors to go over and talk to them. We all have young children that play in the yards and some walk around the streets with their maids. It’s a very quiet area and it USED to be safe :/

  15. Qster says:

    Lion, tiger, cheetah, leopard, no problem it’s fine just a pet……Dog: ASTGHAFIRULLAAAAAH 7ARAAAM WHAT SORT OF HUMAN BEING ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 7th says:

    Why can’t Fajer? the lawyer chime in?

    • Cali87 says:

      I am not a lawyer, but there is an international treaty of which Kuwait is a signatory and indeed ratified it in 2002 called Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora also known as “CITES”. Lions are illegal to own and are listed in appendix II of that treaty. The “Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources” are responsible for CITES licensing of these animals and enforcing the treaty. Thats all I know about the subject.

  17. Dr Cathy Daniel says:

    It is illegal to own a lion, cheetah or other wild animal in Kuwait. This is under the authority of the PAAFR (Public Authority of Agriculture and Fish Resources). They do have the authority to confiscate the animal. However, I would contact KSPATH first and see if they can help….probably better for the lion.

  18. Nixon says:

    As mentioned your best bet is:
    installing a barbed wire on your fence
    Talk to the neighbor about raising the fence
    Talk to the neighbor on the other side of the lion house, maybe they can team up with to call the police/kspath/baladiya…

    Hope everything turns out alright!

  19. diesel says:

    Here’s an idea; get the embassies, like the Japanese, Eritrean, Dutch, and Sudanese, in Block 9 involved. Tell them a lion is roaming outside their compound. A complaint from anyone of them and the police will be there in 2 minutes flat.

    • aaa says:

      The Japanese embassy isn’t in Jabriya anymore, not sure about the others but a bunch have been moving out.

  20. Man-da says:

    Just play the game. You’re in Kuwait. So poison a big fat juicy piece of meat, throw it over the fence and kill the lion. Simple. Done! I know it seems bad, but why wait for the lion to kill your kid or anyone else.

    • Em says:

      wtf? what rubbish logic is that? the lion did nothing wrong except be in the wrong house at the wrong time.

  21. Leslie says:

    Take a photo of the lioness in their yard or out with the owner and send a letter to the editor of all newspapers. Get it translated into Arabic and publish it in Arabic newspapers.

    Ministry of Interior has an open house session on Tues (I think), try that.

    Make a written complaint at police station and keep copy, so that you have proof that you did something about it but they didn’t.

    Contact Fire Brigade

    Whenever your child gets hurt during play, call the cops and blame it on the lioness.

  22. moe80s says:

    simply hire a lawyer and sue him for owning an illegal species and endangering your family and neighbors, I advise you to get the paper signed by other neighbors as well

  23. Dodada says:

    get an elephant on you side, throw a mouse over to his side

  24. D. says:

    Oh for goodness’ sake. You know what? I hope she mauls the owner. I’ve had it to here with these inconsiderate, selfish twerps and their endangerment of the lives of everyone around them just so they can have a “cool” pet they are almost certainly mistreating, becaue a lion does not belong in a freaking house and if you have to take her for walks, it means she doesn’t have the space she needs to get around.

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