Meet the Kuwaitis who Live with their Pet Cheetahs

Post by Mark

Jaber recounted an incident that took place in January 2017, while she was in Egypt training for her masters degree. She asked a close friend to take care of the cheetahs, but a fire broke out in the apartment and the fire brigade saw the wild felines and reported them to the police.

“I directly called somebody high-ranking at the police station of the district to replace the mention of ‘cheetah’ with ‘big cat’ on the complaint. It is necessary to act very quickly, so that the wasta works,” Jaber tells MEE.

Owning exotic animals is illegal in Kuwait yet these guys are parading them in this article for Middle East Eye and on their personal instagram accounts. Then to top it off they talk about how they have wasta to help them stay out of trouble and give examples of situations where their wasta helped them out. I really do hope because of this article they’ll all get arrested and their animals taken away from them. [Link]

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  1. Rin says:

    This is a whole new level of messed up.

  2. Dun says:


  3. Sully says:

    Mark. “AlJaber”. There’s something missing with that last name, it’s not even a last name, it’s a middle one, don’t you think “AlSabah” is missing?

  4. Naser says:


  5. بنت الكويت says:

    This girl isnt from the Al-Sabah family. Furthermore, there is an Al-Jaber family in kuwait that isnt related to the monarchy.

  6. Hamad says:

    Out of curiosity, isn’t Wasta kinda in every country in a way or another? I would love to get more context regarding it ..

  7. I wonder what they have been trained to eat?

  8. fajer says:

    wtf they are not only endangering the animals but themselves and their neighbors how do we report them?

  9. Bill says:

    How cool is she….and nope marky they are not going to jail nor will the pet be taken away

  10. Sam says:

    “district of Salmiya, a wealthy neighbourhood”

    Lol, wtf did I just read?

    • Bu_Jassem says:

      you gotta learn that in here yeha6oon wajd, they over exaggerates, they love it, she made it sound like Beverly Hills lol

  11. MK says:

    So happy to see this here. Disappointed but glad you posted and I am somewhat optimistic that someone will do something about it.

  12. bijou says:

    yknow dogs and cats used to be wild at some point till we bred it out of them right? What’s the difference?

  13. Roar says:

    Sad to see the plight of such dysfunctional folks!
    I should like to gift them a Great Dane or a St Bernard. They will realize what they had missing in their lives.

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