The $100,000 Sheep

Post by Mark

Hot or Not? [Link]

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  1. Tony says:

    Anything for a 100,000 is hot ;)

    But what so special about it? anyone knows?

  2. FAMAJAH says:


    10/10 would bang (for all you /b/ros out there)

  3. DX says:

    this is so stupid! id buy an escalade for that money! im picturing the owner riding on this sheep..instead of an escalade

  4. Just says:

    sorry, my ewe says “maaa, aaa, maaamaaa, aaaa” = she’s seen nicer, she says his shoulders are too narrow and he looks like he has botox done.

  5. KCR says:

    so Kuwait has an event yesterday geared towards sports and one of the top blogs in kuwait is talking about sheep?

    classy. what ever happened to your health endeavor? or did the McGangBang forsake it??

  6. Yousef says:

    At the end of the day it will be slaughtered and eaten :P.

  7. Mathai says:

    I know they’re different animals but at the end of the day its all machboos laham :)

  8. King Khan says:

    What is the Use of this Special sheep ?
    WHy they pay toooooo Much ???

    Do they Gain profit from it ????

  9. Chris says:

    ~$100,025 for machboos laham.. not bad!

  10. Ali Sleeq says:

    But, does it taste like 100 grand?

  11. Mea culpa says:

    Is she designer sheep ?

  12. SONI says:

    now she really gave a fight to kim kardishi
    and the winner is 1,00,000

  13. Baah says:

    bedwens are anything but stupid when it comes to money, a foreign arabian sheep (say comes from Syria, jordan or another arabian desert) will enhance the breed in many factors..sheeps coming from Palestine (rarely) are much more expensive, because its difficult if not impossible to come here

    livestock bussiness is more profitable than a fancy car, mark my words, one day when food is more expansive than an iPhone 16XVS, u’ll envy the bastard.

  14. Thackeray v. Thackeray says:

    $100,000 for machboos is insanely absurd. I suspect such an excess may be borderline un- Islamic even.
    Mark, my man, thought you were never going to post or at least not until the Jay Lo fever has subsided.

    Take it you are going to be in Dubai this weekend for the J – lo concert.

  15. William says:

    HOT, HOT , HOT, here in New Zealand she looks HOT, very HOT and Beautiful too,

  16. sooli says:

    HOT all animals are HOT

  17. Ahmed says:

    Y’all need to calm down, Its just a sheep, not a naked lady!

  18. Rehab says:

    How did the selling take place ?

    Buyer: How Much for this beautiful sheep, I want to gift
    Seller: (In Mind) I must ask good price as he is gifting it.
    230 last
    Buyer: Yalla 100,000, bidding ends !

  19. ali says:

    at least it is Halal , and better than that hot dog

  20. Terciero says:

    100,000 dollar sheep

    1.5 million dollar dog

    24,000 dollar cat

    1.2 million dollar cow

    I wonder how much we would be bought and sold for if aliens took over.

  21. qeight says:

    So the sheep gets to sleep on a king sized bed over and under a silk duvet, place its head over feathered pillow.

  22. Kash says:

    Surely a Guiness Record?

    We need a seperate Kuwait edition with all these amazing records…fireworks, fat people, accidents etc.

  23. Security Adviser says:

    Thats gonna be one hell of an gigolo of the animal world.. How much does the pimp/owner charge prospective owners of ewe’s to mate with that animal?? 20, 30,000$ for a one shot stand??

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