Trapped Chickens in Mangaf

Post by Mark


A reader sent me pictures and information on some trapped chickens in Mangaf. It sounds humorous but it actually isn’t. According to the reader there is a Naif chickens shop located in Mangaf (Block 4, Street 17) and the owner of the building gave the order to demolish the building while the chicken shop was still operational. No one was hurt luckily but there are chickens trapped inside and they’ve been trapped for the past week.


Chickens aren’t cute puppies or kittens but they’re still animals and this is just pretty sad. Why do some people lack so much compassion towards animals?

Thanks Tuan

Update: K’S PATH have contacted me to let me know they’re currently in the process of rescuing the chickens. Will keep you guys posted.

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  1. Murrka says:

    Because you’re in Kuwait. People here don’t have much compassion for anyone or anything.

  2. Simple_man says:

    Welcome to Kuwait. The owner be held responsible.

    • Anonymous says:

      Simple man with poor grammar.

      • simple_man says:

        yep typo please add should between owner and be , Anonymous more concerned about grammar than living creatures.

        does anyone know the name of the owner of the building that had it destroyed with the live chickens in cages?

        • Anonymous says:

          FYI, I called Naif and informed them of the situation according to the information on this blog post. Don’t assume.

  3. lucky_boy says:

    Call PETA !

  4. mungeeman says:

    while i fully agree, let’s think about this for a moment. Mosquitos and cockroaches and spiders are animals too – and unless we are saying that ugly/small things are somehow less capable of suffering than cute/larger animals – what is the difference? Which is why being kind to animals is great, but I’ve never had a problem putting away a good dog soup in the Far East

  5. lolguy says:

    I think they should just be put out of their misery quickly. That seems like the most ethical thing to do in this case. At present they are facing death by starvation, which is simply one of the worst ways to go.

  6. Khaled Ad says:

    Maryam Al kharafi needs to open a PETA org in kuwait

  7. Faisal says:

    I think it’s very sad and someone has to be held responsible. Someone should save the chicken!

  8. linda says:

    This is really bad, regardless of what type of animal it is,
    It is a living breathing soul and people cannot get away doing such acts.
    Is it not enough that they are trapped in cages all day waiting for they demise, (which I don’t agree with) now they even have to suffer this way.
    Hope this person gets charged.

  9. Joe says:

    Go choke a chicken!

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