Whale washes ashore on Failaka

Post by Mark


What looks like a Blue or Great Whale washed ashore today on Failaka Island. Whales can be found in the Indian Ocean so my guess is it got lost and ended up in the Gulf where it ended up dying.

Below is another video of the whale when it was first found while still floating in the water.


First video via Frankom

Update: A reader sent me the image below along with the following note:

Hi there!
I was walking yesterday evening on the beach close to the Village (Abu Hassania area) and I found 2 dead dolphins. One was decomposed, so it has probably been there for a few days or a week but the other one seemed to be there for 1-2 days and had a fishing net around! Such a sad thing to see…especially when in Kuwait there are only around 500 hunchback dolphins!


Thanks Luciana

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  1. Nixon says:

    A relative also found a dead dolphin in khiran… Something fishy is going on.

  2. TK says:

    This happens every year. Nothing new. I even sent mark an email about it with pictures about the dead dolphins but he didn’t seem to care much.

  3. Navin says:

    Truly sad! :(

  4. VC says:

    Sad sight. But I doubt they’re blue whales. Blue Whales are atleast 10-15 times bigger than the one in the photo. Also, it’ll be world news if that were the case.

  5. A says:

    Mark, there seems to be a problem with the app “Kuwait Blogs” where it won’t play videos.

  6. Afs says:

    Hi Mark, there seems to be a problems with the app “Kuwait Blogs” where it won’t play videos. Thanks.

  7. bluh says:

    another baby whale or dolphin was found couple of days ago at bnaider..

    ironically they just set it on fire without reporting it to the authorities

  8. Stu says:

    Dolphins and sharks that are alien to the Arabian Gulf have been showing up increasingly in the region – one interesting theory is they are following the trails of blood and dead carcasses thrown out of ships carrying livestock to the region.

    A couple of Great Whites recently found were only indigenous to the Great Barrier Reef and seem to have followed the ships all the way from Australia!

  9. Kulsum says:

    Saddest thing to see :(

  10. UCF says:

    found a dead dolphin in Bnaider last weekend too. Exactly the same as the one in the picture above.

  11. Ali Sleeq says:

    Can’t people turn their phones when making a video?

  12. mb says:

    well this was probably because of water polution

  13. jalal says:

    maybe happened a spill out

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