Apple Maps Finally Works in Kuwait

Although Apple Maps originally launched back in 2012, it only started working in Kuwait last week. I don’t know what took Apple so long but I’m glad its now finally working here. While I’m a fan of Google Maps, I find the interface of Apple Maps not only easier to read and follow, but also significantly faster to use.

If you’ve never used Apple Maps before you can now try it out.

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Can anyone comment on using Waze maps in Kuwait?
When I visited Qatar, almost everyone used Waze as Google maps were really bad and next to useless.

Waze is a good app.. I used Waze app when I drove to Bahrain Qatar Saudi.. it shows the camera speed limit police cars etc.. and a lot more easier…

You can use maps now but when you search for places you’re going to have a hard time. Try putting in any area with the block , it comes out blank or directs you to some other country.

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