Apple Pay Kinda Working with NBK

I just added my NBK debit card to Apple Pay on my phone and watch, but couldn’t activate it. To activate the card it says I need to verify it by calling NBK but when I did, they told me to check the card in a few hours and then call back. I couldn’t add my NBK credit card or my American Express, only my debit card.

The NBK Apple Pay page is still down as of now. Officially, Apple Pay is meant to launch tomorrow (Dec 7) which is why everything isn’t working right yet.

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All my cards are now working on Apple Pay except for my Debit (Knet) card which says verify by calling in. The other two credit cards are all activated through OTP and are added to my wallet.

From what I gathered so far:

NBK: Credit (OK) – Debit (adds card, but asks to call bank for verification)

Boubyan: Debit (OK)

CBK: Credit (OK) – Debit (not supported yet, cannot even add card)

Haven’t tried other cards/banks yet.

That’s never an issue. NBK just isn’t allowing you to add it yet. Region settings on your phone and which App Store you use are entirely irrelevant to Apple Pay.

Just added my gulf bank debit card on mobile and watch successfully. The verification done through OTP.

Burgan bank cards still not able to add.

My CBK debit was added no problem, can send a pick if you like.. I’m so glad I was too lazy to close my account😂😂.

I got a message from my relationship manager that my cards are ready for Apple Pay. Unfortunately, I use Samsung Pay.

you get it directly from american express, they used to have an office in Salhiya. Haven’t used it in a long time though, used to use it mostly for accessing airport lounges. I should probably cancel it.

Hey Mark, I got an sms from AUB in the afternoon saying that Apple Pay was now working. They also updated their app so when I opened it directly it asked me which of my cards I wanted to use with Apple Pay.

I just used it for the first time today. Very cool!

ABK isn’t working yet. I think it might not even be one of the banks that will launch on launch date. According to the new only 5 banks will work at the start.

Not able to add my Gulfbank cards, getting error “The region setting on this device does not allow to register cards”, my App Store in currently set to India. What a bummer! Please fix this Gulf Bank.

Update its 11:58, I tried to add my nbk cards and during verification I tired sms, email and didn’t get a otp yet 3rd option was call the bank which I did not

This was a debit card from nbk.

Update 2 – 12:02pm and credit card didn’t go through I didn’t get to the verify page it just said “card not your card issuer for more info”

I successfully added my gulf bank debit card to apple pay after 2 tries, at the first try I was facing an issue with receiving the verification code, but after removing the card and adding it back again it worked totally fine.

Looks like NBK botched the launch. Credit Cards being added fine, debit card originally was saying to contact the bank now it gives you an option to sms you or email you an OTP but whichever you select results in nothing happening.

Weird because they have a dedicated number to choose for Apple Pay when you call customer service. Ah well will wait another day or two

It worked seamlessly for me. Both NBK Credit Card and Debit Card were added to my wallet for both my Phone and Watch. Tried out the Apple Pay feature at Trolley, and that worked out super fine as well. And this was like at 1130 or something.


Apple Pay asks me for a CVV when adding a CBK debit card. The back of my card where this should be is blank.

Help please !

Thanks !

Thanks but there was no 3 digit code mentioned anywhere on the card.

I did however add my card via the Al Tijari App and it was seamless. Well done CBK !

Adding CBK cards worked instantly and without having to call the call center. All cards are live since dec 6th

Took less than 30 seconds

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