Gulf Bank Announces Apple Pay

Looks like Gulf Bank has activated Apple Pay for their customers because they just announced it on their website:

Gulf Bank is excited to announce the Apple Pay Digital Wallet for Gulf Bank cardholders. The Apple Pay service enables you to pay using your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. The Apple Pay payment method is available in most stores that accept contactless/ tap & pay transactions in Kuwait and abroad, making your purchases more convenient and secure. Link

NBK, hope you’re next!

Update: Gulf Bank have taken down the announcement page but CBK and NBK have both uploaded their pages. Here is the NBK page and here it the CBK one. I just tried adding my NBK card and it didn’t work so looks like they’re preparing for launch but haven’t actually launched it yet.

Thanks Bo Talal!

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Any phone, apple or android, used by a stupid person can be infected with malware. Don’t click on suspicious links and download shady apps.

Not any phone, just any phone that isn’t an iPhone. iOS is locked up so you can’t install an app on it unless it’s been jail broken or installed from the App Store.

dud buy good samsung phone and u will see the difference, options always give problem…some samsung phone cheaper then ur Apple earpods…buhahha

I thought the banks all agreed to launch Apple Pay at the same time, and not try to one up each other like school kids

i guess they are all getting ready to launch at the same time which is why these pages popped up. Gulf Bank have taken it back offline, NBK has blocked access to it and CBK has also now removed it.

I swear to god the tease is unreal!!

I can’t wait to leave my wallet at home.

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Apple Pay


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