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Cari Food Delivery Soft Launching This Week

Cari, the new food delivery app I posted about earlier in the month is set to soft launch on October 26th if everything goes according to plan. This will basically be a beta launch that would be open to exclusive users and a way for their restaurant partners to get familiar with their system.

The public launch for Cari on the other hand will be on November 1st, so in around a week’s time.

As I previously mentioned, one of the things Cari will be offering to its users that will set them apart from its competition is delivery in 30 minutes or less. If you’re interested in getting early-access to the app, they have a sign up form on their website

32 replies on “Cari Food Delivery Soft Launching This Week”

Their Sales person (Ali *****) is ANNOYING AFFF,
Man, can just not understand the meaning of NO !
Sticks to you like a LEECH !

I understand sticking by your people, but this is a strange response to a potential customer flagging that your sales team is pushy to the point of turning away future partners.

Hello Annoyed!

We care about our quality and services, I would love to hear the full story from you to avoid such cases in the future. Please drop us a message on Instagram.

On the other hand, Ali is a super star and he knows his limits, if you were annoyed because of the follow-ups you can easily tell him that you are not interested and please stop calling, but it seems that you love to stay behind the scenes. And no courage to say that in front of him neither on the phone nor on the blog.

Anyway if you feel that there is a good feedback that you want to address feel free to contact us.

Bader my G !

Believe me, i had done everything to make him understand that we are not interested, but as mentioned, he just doesn’t understand ! there is a reason, we are writing it here, please take some time off your schedule, and kindly knock some sense into his head !
please ask your superstar to act like a superstar, not a blood sucking LEECH

Thank you

Cari sounds like the next best thing, I’m just tired of seeing talabat boards everywhere… wish them the best in their endeavors!

I’m a regular reader but not a regular poster on here and sure I’ve used random names before but don’t recall flooding a comment section while posing as a different person for each comment on the same thread

So Mark indirectly admitting, Cari has been promoting their stuff in this thread ehh.. Elementary, my dear Watson!

Cari is good word play on ‘Cash & Carry’’ for those of you who remember their stand alone presence in the Sharq of old days. I think they were a front for Spinneys food in Kuwait.

This is a monopoly… On a side note, wow if this is how hostile the customer service is now, god knows what will happen when an order is late. Will you throw the blame on the client there as well? Because all your employees are “superstars”

You’re using the word monopoly without knowing what it means. There are three dominant delivery companies right now, this is a 4th one entering the market and a 5th one is entering before the end of the year. How is this a monopoly?

I’m saying that in the future there will be a monopoly. By any chance I know deliveroo and talabat (carriage can’t be counted as they didn’t want to lose the customers) who are the rest?

How will there be a monopoly? I think you might be thinking of a different word. For there to be a monopoly it would mean only one operator would be here and have total control of the market.

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