Winter Wonderland Under Construction

Winter Wonderland is now confirmed to be opening this December where Shaab Park (location) used to be. The park will feature more than 30 rides, skill games and attractions, live performances, and booths serving various delicious food and drinks (source).

Yesterday I decided to fly my drone over the site to see what they were up to. There were around a dozen heavy trucks working on the site and parts of it had already been paved so progress is pretty quick.

I love and hate the location they’ve picked to set up Winter Wonderland. On the bright side, it’s where Shaab Park used to be, and having Winter Wonderland there even if temporary is better than having demolished Shaab Park and not done anything with the land.

But, on the other hand, it’s a very congested area and there aren’t enough parking spots at the moment. During the holidays, Shaab Park didn’t have enough parking spots for cars so they would end up parking on the side of the Gulf Road and double park all around the neighborhood. And that was for Shaab Park, so imagine the kind of traffic Winter Wonderland is going to drive into the area.

I’m not sure why they didn’t decide to open it where Entertainment City was since there is plenty of land there for parking, it isn’t in a congested neighborhood, and it’s right off the main highway.

In any case, the Winter Wonderland website and Instagram account are now both live and they’ve already started posting information including a FAQ. Tickets aren’t on sale yet but will be soon but for now check our their Instagram @winterland_kw and visit their website to stay posted.

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the parking can be a real issue. since this whole thing is temporary, I wonder why cant they install vertical parking systems? .

there are many such players in the vertical parking market. the only thing lacking here is WILL!!

“ I’m not sure why they didn’t decide to open it where Entertainment City was”

Ah.. you didn’t get the memo. The land was taken for personal use if you know what i mean.

The traffic it will bring is going to be 1000x more cause Kuwait hasn’t had entertainement like this in a very long time

For a limited time only can they please bring TSC Shaab.
Was our favourite ‘go to TSC’.

… but winter wonderland is a temporary event… its better if they continue working with shaab park or what they they call it new entertainment city.

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