Winter Wonderland Might be Coming to Kuwait!

According to Kuwait Times, Kuwait is currently in advanced negotiations to host the Winter Wonderland this winter season. One of the proposed locationswould be the Shaab Park spot and the event would be run by the same company that managed Winter Wonderland in Riyadh.

With the current lack of entertainment parks in Kuwait, this would definitely be a huge hit so hopefully it does work out cuz we desperately need it. Also, it would be cool to have it open up down the street from me.

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With the Current population, it’s needful to make use of vacant lands to build locations like the previous “entertainment city” or “aqua park”.
The country has immense potential.

I really hope this happens for my kids’ sakes. However this winter season sounds very optimistic for the pace of doing business in Kuwait. Things need to be shipped here and assembled and there is some construction work involved. If the negotiations go well, they can probably aim for the winter a year from now. I do hope I’m wrong and pleasantly surprised this winter. I also hope they don’t do something stupid like set the entry price ridiculously high.

i dont know mark but it seems like a ”eh” to me… not really hyped about this… rather i want them to focus like entertainment city, remake of aqua park, silk city and metro because we really need those.

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