7 Ways to Get Deported from Kuwait

Alqabas newspaper published a list of 7 different things that could get you deported. A redditor translated the 7 things and they are:

  • Fishing in the Kuwait Bay without permission
  • Littering or Dumping waste in non-approved areas
  • Driving without a valid license
  • Taxi drivers who commit Serious traffic violations
  • Indecent public behavior
  • Working a different job than what’s on your work permit
  • Not renewing annual residency

I like the idea of deporting people if they litter but if that were actually enforced, Kuwait’s population would probably be reduced to a million or less. I guess you could just enforce it for a short time, maybe deport a few hundred people to make a point and that would probably stop people from littering.

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Seems like Deportation is the solution to all the problems. There is no day that we dont see this word in the news papers. It is obvious for any country to deport people who are nuisance to their country specially in terms of abiding by the law. But at the same time it is not a good way of highlighting it always to the residents and keeping them under the fear.

This entry can be the stuff of a publication on ‘101 Ways of Getting Deported from the State of Kuwait.

Deportation is the word we hearing a lot but there is a secret word that is not being covered much: exocus.

Yeah it is happening especially with the expats and mind you even citizens who really care about this place.

True there are new people coming in but they will not be sticking around here for that long after experiencing what life has to offer here. The source can be heard from many HR departments who will tell you it is tough to hire the right caliber of talent and keep them here.

You’ve made a valid point. Companies are having a really hard time hiring the right talent. The one’s that are willing to work (Executives, Managers, Engineers) now are usually the bottom of the bottom because that is the kind of talent that Kuwait is attracting now.
We need to do better to get the best talent from across the world, not the worst!! And I’m afraid we are doing everything in our power to ensure that the good talent leave.

Hey all those that get deported from kuwait can enter USA free of charge on the southern border. It’s wide open. Free for all. Bring all your families, friends, people you don’t know. Hurry before the bobblehead biden & horse head harris get replaced in 2 years.

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