15KD Round Trip Flights to Abu Dhabi!

Starting October 30th, the ultra-low-cost airline, Wizz Air will begin operating daily flights to Kuwait from Abu Dhabi. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is partially owned by the Hungarian Wizz Air but is majority owned by ADQ (formerly called Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company) and operates out of the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

I just tried booking a weekend flight to Abu Dhabi and ended up with a $49 two-way ticket which equates to around 15.5KD, so this price is real. But, because it’s a budget airline, you pay for every single extra thing you need. So for example, the $49 doesn’t allow you to take a carry-on bag on the plane, just a backpack. If you want a carry-on, that’s an extra 9$ each way but you could fit a weekend’s worth of clothes in a backpack so it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep your ticket price under $50 .

15KD to fly to Abu Dhabi for the weekend is a really great price obviously, thats cheaper than a padel court rental. Once you’re in Abu Dhabi there are quite a lot of things to do including visiting Ferrari World or the beautiful Louvre Abu Dhabi (pictured above). You could also rent a car and split your time between Abu Dhabi and Dubai which is just an hour away. I’m sure as more demand kicks in the prices will go up but for now, if you want to take advantage of the 15KD tickets, you should get your ticket asap.

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man ! thats cheaper than buying booze here, i can fly to Abu Dhabi legally get drunk AF and come back peacefully all in 50 KayDee !
Less goo !!
whos down ?

Everything practically is extra.
No insurance as well in the price.

In the beginning they are extremely cheap.
Later when the develop the destination and there is demand the tickets are the same cost as other airline if sometimes with all the extras more.
They did it in Europe.

Damn that’s cheap. If it was there for tomorrow I would fly. But anyways I am driving tomorrow to dubai

They do have so many visa options even a 5 year touristic visa but similar to the schengen system you pay for it and get approved

I suspect the KD 15 offer will just be an inaugural price offer – may not sustain in the long haul. Even so it is cool that at KD 15 you can zip in and out of Abu Dhabi. The night life is kick ass, and will come in handy for US military personnel stationed in Kuwait amomg others as, Western execs based in Kuwait and looking for a good time on weekends

hotels are also cheaper in Abu Dhabi compared to Dubai so you really can go have a good night and fly back the next day without spending too much

I think its an inaugural price. But I also think there should be a cheaper price or flights to travel within middle east. Like India for example, Domestic Flights are cheaper and its below 30 kwd approx to travel all across India and yes each state or province might have different prices

I’ve used Wizzair to travel around Europe so I’m not surprised by the price. Katowice, Poland to Dortmund, Germany costs 8 KD two ways

They are smart. They fly you out for 15 KD so you spend 500-1000 KD in two days. Their economy wins. Not to mention the 7 percent vat tax which lets be honest, even though you can claim not many people do.

That’s what set use apart from any other country. They see their country as a business

I remember this trick flydubai did at the start and fast forward today it’s more expensive at times than Kuwait Airways when Kuwait Airways gives me full service and I have to pay for things with Fly Dubai.

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