Partial Solar Eclipse Today

If you aren’t already aware, there will be a partial solar eclipse taking place today.

Starts: 1:20 PM
Maximum Eclipse: 2:35 PM
Ends: 3:44 PM
Total Duration: 2 hours, 24 minutes

Do not try to view the eclipse with just sunglasses. The easiest and cheapest way to view the eclipse safely would probably be to pick up a welding shield (shade 12 or higher according to the internet). Ace sell small ones like the one above, but the specs say it’s shade #5 so won’t work. You can probably find the correct shade in Shuwaikh.

Update: Scientific Center will be providing free glasses for the viewing! Link

Update2: Ikarus are selling certified eclipse glasses for 1KD as well. Link

9 replies on “Partial Solar Eclipse Today”

Mark, thank you for sharing this info. It was great being in a crowd at scientific centre.

They had organized it very well with tokens given out earlier in the day. People were later giving away their glasses to others who weren’t fortunate to be able to come early.

Great job Scientific Centre. One of the true gems of Kuwait apart from JACC, ASCC and Shaheed Park! Decent, helpful, down to earth staff helping people of all ethnicities at the event.

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