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KTC – Kuwait Track Challenge

Next weekend there is a new racing event taking place at KMT called Kuwait Track Challenge. What sets this race apart from other local races is the fact that they’re offering fairly large sums of cash for the winners totaling KD65,000.

When they first announced the event I was pretty impressed by the prizes but I didn’t really realize how much more exciting it would be making the competition until this week. For those of you not into cars or racing, there are different classes for the cars during races to make it fair. The classes for Kuwait Track Challenge are divided by tire size because usually, the more powerful and larger the car, the larger the tire sizes. So for KTC, they’ve split it up into the following three classes:

Pocket Rocket – 245 tires and below
Sleeper – 285 tires and below
Outlaw – All tire sizes

Every category will have 5 winners who will each win:
1st – $32,000
2nd – $13,000
3rd – $9,700
4th – $6,500
5th – $3,250

Because of the large cash prizes, what I realized this week is a lot of people are taking this competition very seriously by actually investing money into their cars with hopes the upgrades they make will pay for themselves if they win. It’s actually gotten me excited to watch the races because I now want to see what everyone has done to their cars.

The event will be taking place next week over two days, November 4th and 5th at Kuwait Motor Town. There will be food trucks and music as well for people who want to come by and watch the event. If you’re interested in participating in the races registration as of now is still open. Here is the link to register, and they’re on Instagram @challengethetrack

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Great idea from KMT, and a clever way to classify cars according to tyre width alone rather than HP alone. But given the stakes, more restrictions (like an added HP limit) would have been even better. Something like

Pocket Rocket – 245 tires and below. Max 400hp
Sleeper – 285 tires and below. Max 650 hp
Outlaw – All tire sizes. Unlimited

I actually like the idea that it’s open HP because guys are trying to squeeze as much HP into their cars but also trying to move down a class by using smaller tires. Should make for a more interesting race.

Hi Mark.

I have a 2018 sunny, top trim version.
What are my chances of winning?

My car can reach 100kmph, 120 if I’m feeling adventurous and don’t mind a rattling nightmare.

I love these events and cars. But never bother doing my cars up like that cause I saw no where to go.

Hopefully they keep this going on permanently or similar stuff keep popping so I can get actually get a interesting hobby in Kuwait that Padel lol

I heard about this before thought it was on from time to time and didn’t know it was a frequent thing.
I’ll check it out. Thanks Mark.

The registration fees is ridiculous!

You will end up paying more than 1,000 kd for set of good tires and registration only. Plus other preparation.

yup, registration is high, but the less people that register, the higher the chance you have of winning. Kinda like those draws they used to have at the Dubai airport on cars, where the draw tickets aweree expensive but like they only sell 1000 of them.

Finally car season is back, events are starting to take place again. Now if the cold weather would arrive everything will be perfect. There’s a car show taking place in Marina Crescent this Friday from 10 to 10.

It will be fun and inclusive event if they let them do. Of course, they can have separate categories for them with the winners taking the same amount of prize money as the lads.

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