Apple Pay Works in Kuwait

Looks like Apple Pay is now starting to work in some places in Kuwait. Some of the new Knet machines that support wireless Knet payment now also work with Apple Pay. I haven’t been able to try this myself, but a friend of mine was able to paying using Apple Pay at Solo Pizza. You need to have a credit card already added to your phone from a country that has Apple Pay like the US for example.

There is no real advantage to using Apple Pay in Kuwait, if anything its actually more expensive when you factor in the cost to transfer money from Kuwait bank account to your US one. But for now, I guess there is a bit of a cool factor to using Apple Pay.

Update: Just tried my Apple Pay at Liquid and it worked!

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Exchange rate is a bit cheaper than Kuwaiti Banks KWD-USD rates! It depends on the bank. I have Navy Federal and the rate is cheaper than local banks KWD-USD conversions.

best news ever! Finally. i just came back from the states last week, and its all i used there. its so convenient. i have both my Wells Fargo and Bank of America linked to my apple pay, my Bank of America Visa has no foreign transaction fees also, works amazing in Kuwait.

Boubyan Bank Debit/Credit cards can be added to apple pay? i think i saw a ad about it at the branch, i could be wrong

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are both available in UAE and I guess Android Pay could possibly follow. Why less love for Kuwait?

It has to do with the number of contactless terminals in Kuwait. It is still quite new here and even the merchants who have the contactless terminals, not all know how to use it

It is only a matter of time

banks in kuwait ready
but apple not allowed to add payment card with any kuwait bank
i contact boubyan banks thay say that
in kuwait
apple not allowd in kuwait
( movie – navigate map – payment )

I’m using a garmin watch and garmin pay is available here.. fitbit pay as well.. if you dont have these, just use the atm card provided by your local bank. Most bank cards here are NFC/contactless enabled. The advantage I see with these apple pay, samsung pay, google pay, etc., is they are safe to use with online transactions.. with that, I suggest to just sign up with paypal..

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