Cinescape is Wheelchair Friendly

Post by Mark

Over the weekend I went to the movies to watch Jumanji, a good movie by the way, just censored the hell out of in Kuwait. Seriously this has to be the most censored movie I’ve ever watched in Kuwait, and I have no idea how that’s possible since it’s a PG-rated film.

So, originally we were planning to watch it at Grand Cinemas in Hamra Mall, but surprisingly, they didn’t have any theater that would accommodate a wheelchair. I don’t mean the theater playing Jumanji, I mean neither of their theaters playing any movie had wheelchair access.

So I gave Cinescape a call and they told me they had wheelchair access at ALL their theaters except for two, Laila and Central Place. The operator also told me that if the person was permanently in a wheelchair, then they could get a lifetime pass to watch movies for free at their theaters.

I think that’s pretty thoughtful of Cinescape and pretty odd of Grand Cinemas considering their Hamra theater is fairly new. The only feedback I would give Cinescape is to mark the wheelchair areas on the seating map since I had to call the operator and find out where they were. For example, the map above is how it currently looks like while the map below is what I think they should do (notice row J).

Anyway just wanted to thank Cinescape with this post for being so considerate.

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  1. Ali says:

    While watching The Post a couple of days ago, I was surprised to see all the expletives/four letter words had been bleeped out! Don’t recall seeing this before. Censors here are much tougher than UAE and a review/reform is needed. People can see kissing/swearing on most TV programs on a daily basis; so why cut them out at the cinemas?

  2. salah says:

    I’m actually surprised that Grand Cinema is still able to compete with Cinescape, but I’m pretty sure they’re surviving because of their location. Just like you said, they are the new player but they lack a lot. For god’s sake, they still don’t even have proper napkins for the food. They pull out a bunch of tissue papers from a box and hand it to you as if you have a bad cold. Their website looks awful, if I didn’t know for sure it was them I would’ve been very skeptical to pay anything on such a cheap looking page. The popcorn lines are always too long no matter how busy the theatre is. Cinescape, on the other hand, keeps working on making the booking and watching experience a pleasant one. I love their new scannable ticket.

  3. Cinescape says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your post regarding our wheelchair accessible cinemas, we appreciate the added awareness that your post has achieved.

    We also are taking in consideration your comment on including the wheelchair areas in our seat booking page, on the website and app, and are working to make this a reality in the near future.

    We pride ourselves on being accessible to all of our customers, and allowing everyone to have a memorable experience at our cinemas.


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