RAW Sushi in the City

Post by Mark

RAW originally opened up back in 2016 in the industrial area of Shuwaikh but recently closed that location down. It was one of my favorite sushi places, but a lot of people had an issue with the location since at night the area around was super dark and creepy. So they closed that space down and moved to the city where they just officially reopened this past weekend across the street from Hamra Tower [Map]

Along with the new location, they revamped their menu by adding a lot of interesting and delicious new dishes that go beyond what you’d find at your typical Japanese restaurant. You can check out the full menu [Here].

I’ve been there three times so far (two tastings and a dinner), and really love the food. You really can’t go wrong by choosing any of the 20+ items on the menu.

RAW is currently only open for dinner, so you should call and reserve ahead of time just in case they’re busy. For more information check out their instagram @eatrawkwt

Note: Make sure you try the Koji Glazed Thigh (pictured above), the Tofu Croquettes, Sablefish and the Yuzu Yogurt dessert.

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  1. Foof says:

    daaaamn, this looks top-notch!

  2. khaled says:

    Mark, if you love the food at Raw I seriously doubt your taste in food. Tried it tonight along with your “recommendations” and was extremely dissapointed. Wouldn’t go again unless they change their entire menu. Also, as an added bonus, the chairs are really uncomfortable.

  3. Z' says:

    I tried the new revamped Raw on their first day, whilst the food actually tasted really nice, I honestly thought the quantity was minuscule. Especially considering the prices. That, along with the un-comfy seats kinda made me disappointed :(

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