What its Like Inside a Prison in Kuwait

Post by Mark

A reader recently spent over a month in prison for driving his mum’s car without having a driving license (he nearly got deported too). He wrote about his experience on his blog, and you can check out his post [Here]

The part I found interesting is how prisoners get free cigarette packs. I wonder if that decision was made to prevent or cut down on drug use and violence. It’s interesting because I’ve never heard of a prison doing that before. The cost on the government to supply cigarettes to all the inmates for free must be ginormous.

Update: The writer has now edited his post based on the advice of his lawyer and removed certain parts including the part about free cigarettes.

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  1. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    I haven’t been IN detention in Kuwait, but I have gone to the immigration detention center – it is deplorable! There had to be 30-40 women in one big room, with rickety metal bunk beds, the ladies said there was only one bathroom, no soap, no towels, many slept on mattresses on the floor, many had NOTHING as they were picked up and brought directly. It is a sad sad situation.

  2. Riba says:

    I suspect it might not be too smart to publicly advertise how his dad “found someone who deleted my entire deportation case outta the Kuwait system”.

  3. LWDLIK says:

    Wow! Poor kid. Dumb thing to do but really a month and 17 days inside is way too much. I suppose if an accident had happened then it could have been really serious. So hopefully lesson learned although I was sad to see him mention publicly at the end how his file was expunged from the system as this could implicate his father and certainly whoever helped him. Although as a first offender there is a miniscule chance this could have been done legally which I hope is the case.

  4. lolguy says:

    He should remove his name from the blog.

  5. Sam says:

    Can someone explain the ‘beaten up because he had tattoos’ part to me?

  6. ssf says:

    with that kind of wasta he should have got his driver’s license

  7. The Inked Expat says:

    Hey guys, nick here, so’I’ve taken down anything that would harm me or have any legal activities towards me. So, don’t worry, everything has been sorted.

  8. m says:

    He should go back to prison for how bad he writes

  9. Crumble says:

    I think cigarettes are supplied along with 2 meals every day in accordance with the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention only applies to the deportation prison, not the regular prison within a country (as far as I know the Central Prison does not distribute cigarettes).

  10. Dfine says:

    Having had friends on the inside for over 3 months now, I can confirm the craziness that happens if you are ever detained by any law enforcement in Kuwait.

    The lack of information given to the detained and their family is madness. Don’t think your embassy is getting any information either. Can they help, yes depends on how busy they are, but only with your welfare, nothing else.
    What ever is written in your report is properly a right out lie and the investigators/police are ….. , so if you have wasta be sure to use it. Because if your planing on going the rightful way, good luck with that.

    Conditions inside is not like you see on television from Indonesia or Mexico, but not a far cry from it. Red Crescent is helping out as much as they can, but themselves are struggling with a old and corrupt system.
    One thing is for sure, money talks. If you don’t have any and your friends and family isn’t able to help you, you can be in for a long long time without even a sentence.

    Piece of advice to whomever wants to be on the safe side:
    Write yourself a long detailed letter with all information needed in case shit hits the fan.
    – phone numbers / contact details to next of kind
    – Bank codes and online transfer details
    – contact details to a lawyer
    – your insurance details
    – any kind of wasta contact details
    – friends who might be able to help
    – your work details
    – savings, savings, savings.. and how to access it

    Most important memorize a phone number to whom you have given the above details too, because your phone will be taken from you and if you cant remember any numbers… you can only imagine the rest.

    Second the fastest your help is getting to you the better your chances of getting out fast and intact.

    Most welcome and good luck

  11. Kuwait says:

    Geheime Staatspolizei.

  12. A says:

    Mark it’s really sad to see you to share someone’s blog post who’s writing skills are so low!

  13. Ipsom says:

    There’s something I don’t understand: if he was on the deportation list and was going to be deported soon, how did it not happen in 1 month?

  14. lolguy says:

    Wow, people outraging over the kids writing. Does’t anyone else seem bothered that the guy claims to have been in detention over a month and got beaten up for driving without a license?

    A bit of an overkill?

  15. K-man says:

    Deportation for driving without a license…

    Can Kuwait get any more retarded? Accepting foreigners because the country needs workers and then deporting their children for the dumbest offenses.

    I’m positive they could have scared the kid straight without detaining him for so long and without the need for deportation.

    Ridiculous, and all of you who propagate this type of behavior by your silence deserve no respect.

    Mark, it would have been nice to see you mention how ridiculous all of this is, but we understand that you have to watch yourself very carefully. After all, we know the motto in Kuwait is “if you don’t like what we do, you’re a hater.”

  16. D says:

    Firstly, one of the most terrible pieces of writing on the internet. It just shows the poor use of the English language.

    Secondly, even though I sympathize with “Nick” here, I must say one thing. The law is the law. You break it, you pay. It doesn’t discriminate and its the rule. If he happened to get into an accident (a severe epidemic here in Kuwait) his car insurance would have been voided. It’s apes like these that destroy other peoples lives.

    Jail is bad, but there is a simple way of avoiding it. Just don’t break the law and you’re golden!

    • K-man says:

      How about we discuss if the law should even exist? How about the punishment for breaking the law, is it too severe?

      Just saying “law is law” is such a lazy thought process, very Kuwaiti.

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