Are you getting an Apple Vision Pro?

Apple launched the pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro this past Friday and I’m still undecided on it.

I definitely think it has a lot of potential, but at 1,150 KD it’s crazy expensive. I ended up pre-ordering one on Saturday since by then the delivery date had moved back to March which gives me some time to decide. I figured depending on how much money I make from advertising this month, and depending on the reviews that come out, I could decide to get one or just cancel my order.

I’m still trying to figure out what I could use it for. I think it could be a second TV, but I also like the idea of being transported some where else. I don’t know, I’m curious to have one and see where this technology is going to go, but the cheapest Apple Vision Pro which is 256GB comes out to around 1,200 KD shipped to Kuwait. The device itself costs 1,080 KD, but if you ship to there is additional $244 tax on top of it (more if you ship to Shop&Ship). Then calculate around 20KD to ship to Kuwait, you’re looking at close to 1,200KD. Crazy for something that I have no idea what I will use it for.

Did you pre-order one?

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I think it’s great and you’ll enjoy the experience.
I’d love to get one, however I don’t think it works well if you live with a large family since you’ll be in total isolation and you can’t really experience it with other people.

I can’t find a reason not to watch all your movies, TV shows and all media through Vision Pro. It will also change your whole experience during flights. However for those exact reasons, you can’t enjoy it if you have a wife and kids left behind.

I hope you have a blast.

As with all first gen apple products the support will be abysmal, so should wait it out until gen 3 or gen 4

I really want to try it out – but that cost makes it really difficult.
Hope your ad revenues line up and you do not change your mind. Your take on technology is pretty detailed and easy to understand, so would look forward to your review.

It seems like a device looking for a reason to exist. Remember, the apple watch used to exist without a reason (a sort of ambiguous “lifestyle” device), until apple rebranded it to a fitness device – and that’s where the apple watch ultra is right now.

what’s the vision pro for? it’s not for productivity (despite the “pro” name). is it for media consumption? gaming? hard to say.

it also comes with a lot of caveats. people with prescription glasses are gonna need special lenses for the vision pro to be able to see outside clearly. wearers will be isolated.

not every apple device is worth getting *cough* homepod *cough*.

can’t wait to see people driving with this thing on though.

I don’t think it would be a device I can pre-order, or order online, without trying it first. I think it’s an awesome product from everything I have read and seen about it, but considering how expensive it is, I do not want it to be something I might use for a bit then put it to the side to collect dust (like my Oculus Quest)

However, I do think (and what I have read from rumors), that their might be a more consumer friendly (minus the Pro) version of it in the future, which would cost less

I think what would make people want this more is if it had a feature it could connect to Smart TVs and you can watch your TV through the Apple Vision.

You can by downloading the same streaming apps on your tv onto the Vision Pro, although Netflix isn’t releasing an App so you’d have to use the browser for it.

Btw, it is important to note that only the US iTunes and App Stores will work for now, so if anyone buys it and they use the store of any other region, you cannot download the apps or movies/TV shows

i have the quest meta oculus whatever it’s called. it’s fun for a while but gets boring really quickly plus if you move your eyes a lot you start to get crosseyed and it kinda hurts around the ears and head too. they really have had to nail that technology down for me to consider one. even then, it’s such a task to keep it charged and then want to use it on a daily basis. can’t justify the purchase for rn. let us know tho!

I used the VR headset a few months ago at Zero Latency and although I get motion sickness usually I didn’t because their VR experience is free roam. From what I read the Apple Vision Pro is like wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than any VR headset today which is why I’m very curious to try it. One of my favorite things at Zero Latency was feeling like I was not where I was anymore, and even through the graphics weren’t that great I still felt I was somewhere else. So I’m imagining the same thing with the Apple Vision would be even more immersive.

Nope. Not getting it. Until apple figures out how to have multiple Mac apps exist next to each other, it’s not worth it for me

A friend has one and he posts videos on Instagram. Videos look cool but don’t think I have a purpose for them. Like don’t know what I could use them for, I barely record any videos.

The way I look at this is that if I am already heavily using headsets from the likes of Meta et al and actually spend a lot of time using this sort of hardware…then maybe I would consider upgrading to something like this. But then again, let’s not forget the wall-garden we call the Apply App Store. Unlike with Meta Quest, the available practical (non-entertainment) utility apps might not be available yet and the store might be very limited to a few productivity apps one can use on an iPad or a PC.

As a person who tends to wet his feet and dabble in VR very rarely, I would not want to spend that much money on the new Vision Pro and would gain more by investing instead.

hello Mark ,,

I sufferd with 2 canceled orders from eBay with apple vision pro ,, the sellers apperently don’t trust forward shipping services ( I use fishisfast) they afraid from scams specially with this high value product and even apple sometimes won’t deliver..

can you help a brother out how to ship it to kuwait in this situation like what company to use and what not please..

I ordered once a MacBook from apple and at the door apple take a uturn and canceled my order and refunded the money, maybe if I use deferent shipping company u use maybe it will work this time.

can u provide me a name please

Thanks anyway.. and respect for your digital efforts and info in the community all these years.. first time I heard about you back in 2014 when I was working in fire force department u where doing a project with them or going to I didn’t keep track cuz I joined another place..

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