FOR SALE: 12inch PowerBook

Post by Mark

A friend of mine is selling his 12″ Apple PowerBook. Here are the specs:

12″ Powerbook
G4 1.5ghz
1.25GB RAM
80GB Hard Drive
8x SuperDrive
Airport Extreme

Asking price: KD500

Used for 3 months only. PowerBook in excellent condition. If interested leave a comment below and I will send you contact info.

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  1. Mahi says:

    Please send me the contact person details


  2. yazeed says:

    i’m in the market for a powerbook

    but the 12incher is too small for me

  3. The Stallion says:

    Wow! Sounds extremely appealing!

  4. Habib says:

    what’s the status now ?

  5. Michael Jordan says:

    Hi there do you still have the powerbook for sale i have a 17inch and am looking for a 12inch also, if so what is tghe price that you are wanting for it please?

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