Updated PowerMacs and PowerBooks

Post by Mark

new powerbooks

The rumors were mostly right, here are some highlights from todays Apple event:

PowerBooks Updated
– Upgrades to the 15″ and 17″ PowerBooks.
– 15″ gets a new display with 1440 x960 resolution, while the 17″ will get 1680 x1050. Both will be brighter than previous models and have better battery life.
– SuperDrives will be standard
– Prices start at $1,499 for 12″, $1,999 for 15″ and $2,499 for 17″.
– Powerbooks ship today

PowerMac G5s Updated
– Dual core processors, up to 16GB of DDR2 RAM, 1TB of internal storage
– Four new nVidia cards, including the Quadro FX 4500
– PowerMac G5 Quad, with dual dual-core processors
– Single dual-core 2.0 GHz CPU version is $1,999; single dual core 2.3Ghz is $2,499; dual CPU dual-core is $3,299


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  1. yazeed says:

    seems like me gonna wait for the yonah (intel) powerbooks to switch to macs.
    my thinkpad will do fine for the time being :)

  2. K says:

    I know you like to take pictures in RAW:

    Aperture: “post production software for photographers”
    so it’s not a Photoshop killer, it’s end-to-end RAW workflow
    Built specifically for pro photographers, Aperture features and end-to-end RAW workflow, and makes RAW as easy to work with as JPEG, according to Schoeben.
    A feature called Stacks lets photographers group sequences of shots together based on the time between shutter clicks. The software features a full-screen workspace and a completely editable environment that can span multi-image displays.
    A multi-image viewer lets you check images side-by side, up to 10 or 12 on a side, at magnifications up to 800 percent.
    Aperture also sports essential tools like red-eye reduction, cropping, straightening and more, and features a non-destructive workflow and versioning capabilities.

  3. Mark says:

    yeah i saw that, just didnt find it interesting. i prefer using photoshop.

  4. yazeed says:

    f*** it i am gonna get one

    should it be the 15inch or the 17 inch

    please help me decide

  5. red says:

    FYI: there’s a new Mac store that opened up in Shuwaikh called “MacCity.” It’s an official Apple reseller, so the prices are exorbitant. But it’s pretty well-stocked. They’re expecting the new iMacs, PowerMacs, and PowerBooks in the next 3 to 4 weeks. It’s located behind “Al-Talee3a” on newspaper row; perpendicular to “Al-Seyasseh.” Worth checking out.

  6. 3baid says:

    Two 2.5 Ghz – Dual Core.. sort of like 10 Ghz.
    I’d love to just touch one.

  7. Mark says:

    thanks red will check it out.

    3baid Dual Dual Core chips, thats just crazy. I love it.

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