Top 10 Sitcoms Of The 1990s

Post by Mark

1 – Seinfeld
2 – Friends
3 – Frasier
4 – Drew Carey
5 – Roseanne
6 – Married… With Children
7 – Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
8 – NewsRadio
9 – 3rd Rock from the Sun
10 – Home Improvement


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  1. forzaq8 says:

    Seinfeld was good , sometimes it drived me crazy my brother got the DVD box set

    Friends didn’t like it , my liked matt & perry in ti

    Frasier one hell of a show , great & funny

    Drew Carey didn’t watch it

    Roseanne Totaly hate her and her show

    Married… With Children great show

    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will smith , need i say more ?

    NewsRadio nice show , saddly it didn’t capture the audince back in it days

    3rd Rock from the Sun i feel its too much stupid

    Home Improvement : was fun the first episodes , then the jokes kept repeating them self

  2. Friends shuold be #1, its more addictive then Sienfeld, but I like seinfeld so its ok. Bs Fresh Prince 7aram, it should be right up there! O I hate 3rd Rock from the Sun! What happened to everybody Loves Raymond?

  3. home improvement? you’re kidding me right? right?

  4. fadibou says:

    My favourite is Becker, or is it not a 90s show???
    Is there anybody out there who likes it too ???

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