Hacked PSP – My Experience

Post by Mark

Yesterday I recieved my 1GB Ultra II Memorystick Duo and I quickly tried running games off it by copying their iso’s onto the Memorystick and running them using FastLoader 0.7. Majority of the games I tried didn’t work and I even had trouble unraring most of the files. So here are some tips I would like to pass on from my experience.

– Firstly, Mac users, if you want to unrar files, get UnRarX. Its a great utillity that does a much better job then Stuffit. I was getting errors using Stuffit but didn’t get any when using UnRarX.

– Secondly, there are two different types of MemoryStick Duo’s, the regular kinda and the High-speed. Whats the difference? Regular memorysticks read and write at 15MB/sec while the high=speed ones read and write at 80MB/sec. So get the High-Speed (Ultra II) ones since they cost a bit more but offer better performance.

– Thirdly, most of the games like Winning Eleven 9 and Madden 2006 wouldn’t work with the regular FastLoader. To get it working I used Devhook 0.21.

If I have any more tips I will add them to this post in the future.

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  1. busynow says:

    Use UMd emulater .8c its the new version of fast loader .7 .
    all the games work and u can launch the iso from the psp menu under the umd game icon .
    start the umd emulater 0.8c and from secdond option choose system menu and go down and select the iso you want press x and you will back to psp menu go to the umd icon there and the iso will be there the same way the umd game look.
    with winnig eleven change the speed to 333 cause with the orginal psp speed (222) some time there is slowdown in the game.

  2. Mark says:

    busynow with devhook u dont need to to do all that. u just select the game u want and press circle and it will start.

  3. Mo Hat says:

    lol the Ultraspeed 2 isn’t even supported by the PSP. It only supports Hi-Speed.

  4. Mark says:

    ULTRA II is Hi-Speed.
    Ultra II is what Sandisk calls it
    Hi-Speed is what Sony calls it

    they are both the same.

  5. Mo Hat says:

    Man damn Sony. Never buy their sticks though. It has been proven that Sandisk sticks are way faster and also cost cheaper than Sony’s which are slower and more expensive. Word of advice.

  6. Mark says:

    yeah i know. i stopped buying sony memorysticks because i also heard the sandisks were better and this is why i buy sandisk now all the time.

  7. kuwaiti mal awal says:

    should i buy a PSP it costs 90 KD right now with one game and one spiderman2 movie UMD. and what should i buy US version or Japan. i dont know what to do. there is a white SE edition also should i wait for that .. so many things to conceder it sucks

  8. Mark says:

    yeah definetly get a psp. the price is very nice now. about which version to get us or jap, i would stick with US so you could play US UMD movies.

    The white edition is cool, if you can get it that would be awesome

  9. kuwaiti mal awal says:

    thank you i will

  10. busynow says:

    I think with umd emulater 0.8c you can load UMD movies from all region.

  11. fadibou says:

    I have bought 5 games so far on the PSP and they are bloody lousy and boring excpet NAMCO Museum Collection. I am going to give this console the last shot and downgrade it to 1.5 and hackit and start using the emulators and play non psp games. Its funny cause my favourite games on the PSP are the NAMCO Museum collection which are almost 20 year old.

  12. holla says:

    I just got a PSP and a 1 gig stick. i keep all my emus and shit on the 32 stick that comes with it and the UMD games on the 1 gig. so far, burnout legends, wipeout pure, SSX, THUG and lumines are bloody fantastic, even the shitty dead 2 rights looks cute on the psp heh.
    i need a 4 gig card goddamn it so i can keep more games with me to play work.

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