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Post by Mark

My iPhone 4S is currently stuck in customs but Alghanim Electronics sent me one over to check out. There are two things I was looking forward to, Siri and the camera and so far it feels a bit weird having a conversation with my phone, it’s something I need to get used to. I haven’t tried the camera yet but will be doing so in a bit.

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  1. QABAQ says:

    Do you think the 4S is worth buying if you own an iPhone 4?

    and will Siri understand u? dont forget to try a Kuwaiti accent: beoble, Landan …:p

    • Mark says:

      Well I bought one and I have an iPhone 4. I guess it really depends if the new features make use to you. I shoot a lot for the blog so an improved camera means better pictures for my readers. I also think Siri is just the tip of the iceberg and one step closer to a Starship Enterprise like computer or Hal from 2001. So I’m excited to use it from the early stage.

    • Burhan says:

      if you want to use Siri then surely you can buy iPhone 4S but other wise iPhone 4 and 4S are almost the same, according to this article on lifehacker you can even run Siri on iPhone 4 but Apple doesn’t approve it because they want to sell iPhone 4S and earn $$$… http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2011/10/siri-can-work-on-iphone-4-will-apple-allow-it/

      • HeartBeat says:

        not just a matter that they don’t approve it .. Siri need more powerful processor to perform well and Apple as usual they don’t compromise .. either it is of great performance or they don’t do it.

        • Lucky_Boy says:

          Not true siri was around since iPhone 3gs. And no, it doesn’t needs processor power, everything is done on apple servers. It just send, receive and display the answer.

          • Mark says:

            Siri is most likely limited on the 4S now because its still in Beta testing. What I understood is there are going to be around 1 million + using Siri right now with the launch of the 4S. If the iPads and iPhone 4 users also could use Siri that would be like a hell of a lot more users and a lot more stress on their servers. I think once they work out the kinks, Siri will be available on other devices.

  2. G says:

    Which site did u order from? I tried the UK online shop but they dont ship to PO boxes (aramex)

  3. Nathan says:

    Any idea on how much the price tag is at Alghanim?

    • Mark says:

      I asked and they told me it’s not finalized yet. Maybe I’ll have it later in the day. It’s going to be in store from tomorrow though.

      • james says:

        Alghanim facebook has the following message…

        Check out the demo of iPhone 4s in Al Rai & Avenues Showroom and reserve your piece today !


        Cant find the Pricing though? :(

        Will the IPhone 4S be available in kuwait on or before 22 Oct? if yes… What do you think, will be the price of a 64 or 32 GB…

        i am in rush….coz i am traveling to far east…

        Awaiting your reply
        Thanx :)

  4. id says:

    I heard people are having problems with Siri outside of the US when it comes to location information.

    Ask Siri where is the best burger joint is kuwait?

    • Mark says:

      It won’t work but you can use Siri for other things. I want it mostly as an assistant to take notes and set alarms and reminders for me. But when I go to NY next month I’m definitly going to use Siri to help me find good food joints.

    • aaa says:

      Yeah without that functionality it basically seems useless to me. I was looking at the iOS5 changes and while they’re good I think 99% of it can be done on an iPhone 4 or 3gs

      • aaa says:

        Forgot to mention – I already had Siri on the iPhone 4, when they announced it for the 4s it suddenly no longer works :) Wasn’t very useful though which is why I’m wary.

      • Mark says:

        come on the only use you could find for siri was food related??

        • aaa says:

          Not the food specifically, anything location related. Like telling it “Where’s the nearest gas station” while you drive and having it plot a route would be useful.

          Does it even do that I don’t know

  5. ammar says:

    is it going to be in kuwait stores from tomorrow ?

  6. Superman says:

    Can you make Siri voice into a seductive woman? So
    I can ditch my real one!

  7. Qster says:

    You know someday these things will takeover right?

    • Jason says:

      Nope.. One day as of today.. Or looking back, the phone was developed to communicate with a subject of various distance. So the first concept was developed to function via physical human interaction i.e touch.. Apple mastered this tech when they perfected the touch screen.. Know we as humans find that typing or touching takes to long.. So we start developing voice interaction capabilities to communicate with device at the speed of sound rather than the speed of touch. Once we master communicating via sound.. We will then skip communicating with device at speed of light and learn to communicate with the device via Human thought.. Once we master that.. We should of learned all that we need to know about brain wave signal directing. When that time come we will not need a communication device to do anything! We will simply think and send!

  8. alvin says:

    mark its 360 for 16gb in alghanim sad =( very pricey.

  9. GWB says:

    The iPhone is like a “high maintenance” girlfriend with all its registration requirements. Now it nags too.

  10. PedroDashT says:

    Got the prices from X-cite I hope they are not true otherwise Rip Off

  11. Dave@q8 says:

    I suggest doing what mark says order from apple uk and use a forwarding parcel
    company that ships to Kuwait. Companies have a monopoly

  12. Q8Path says:

    Mubrook. Give us a review about it!.

  13. Ferrari 1st says:

    Congrats … mine is on the way from the States.

    Do you have the numbers issue when someone calls you and you dont get his name but his/her phone number ?

  14. Jacqui says:

    Consider me jealous! I blame Irfan for my delayed iPhone 4S!!!

  15. Jason says:

    The only company greater than Apple is the one that develops a device that you communicate with thought silently. Apple mastered Touch, Now moving onto sound, after that there will be thoughts and then no phone. I’m not sure if many have noticed, but “the human brain is the most advanced computer in the world, and is the only one that can be mass produced by unskilled labor.” Werner Von Braun” Company’s like nokia, htc, motorolia etc, etc.. Should not even try to compete with Steve Jobs, God bless is soul.. They should team up with Apple, because surely they have a long way to come. Buy Apple every year for Mr (Jobs)! Then no phOne : )

  16. Sam says:

    in ordering ur 4s did they ask you to verify payment through scanning your passport and credit card??
    I got 2 emails first a verification asking for these scanned jpegs eurofinance@euro.apple.com with a note that if i don’t comply within 5 days they will cancel my order and another email an order confirmation from apple store saying:
    Dispatched: 1 – 2 Weeks
    Delivers 31 Oct, 2011 – 07 Nov, 2011 Standard Service
    What should I do ..scan them or it will be much processed anyway?

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