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Path Finder 4

Path Finder 4 is out now for the Mac. Its a software that you can use to replace the default Finder. It provides you with a lot more options and features, its basically everything the default Finder should have been.

This is what one reviewer had to say:

Path Finder is a browser-style file manager developed by a single person that absolutely embarrasses the Mac OS X Finder with its huge feature set. Version 1.0 of Path Finder shipped in 2001 after only 6 months of development. Today’s version 3 is miles ahead of that, and the upcoming version 4 is like the Final Cut Pro of file management. It’s a file browsing tour de force.

Sadly its not free, you get a 21 day trial period but then you got to choke up the cash. Its worth a test drive though. [Link]

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hey mark

speaking of pathfinder… hehe have u seen the new pathfinder by Nissan? check out the website the new maxima is there too. They really have hit the nail on the head this time around… the pathfinder actually looks cool!

thoughts ?

also, what would u suggest as a practical vehicle… budget around 10,000 KD cash

Entrep I saw the pathfinder during the car show in Kuwait. Looks pretty cool.

About a car for KD10,000, its really difficult to find something. Cuz 10,000 is either higher lower end car or lower higher end car. you can get a ton of really hot vehicals in that price range that are second hand also.

if it was me though and i was looking for a brand new 10,000KD car I would either go for a 4door Golf GTI (9,900) or a Nissan 350z (10,500). If 4X4 then I would go with a second hand Land Rover LR3 (if you can find one for that price) , a second hand VW Touareg or a brand new Land Rover defender.. if you are hardcore. Sadly there arent that many decent 4×4’s under KD10,000.

My first car was a ford taurus…then i took intrepid…then i bought a rx-330…no i got a bmw 330xi! but, let me tell you..Lexus rx-330 is really good! although it got a femine look, its a super machine!

Entrep: The new A4s i think the price starts at KD8000. I like Audis because they are not to common in Kuwait and they are pretty stylish and german.
When shopping for a car for Nat our budget was KD6000 and we ended up getting the Jeep Wrangler. We wanted the second car to be a 4×4 and for that price range the Wrangler really didn’t have any competition.

If it was me and I had KD6000 I would probably now get a second hand Porsche Boxster or a brand new regular 2.0 liter VW Golf.

indic: I have a 330ci and its amazing. When I first got it I really loved it but now I wish I had an M3..

thanks for your feedback mark.. 🙂 two seater isnt practical for me at the moment, i need to ship stuff around… hehe people and other lifeless objects 😉

The A4 sounds interesting though, im going to take a closer look… love the new style… audi have done a great job.

It’s a tragic a story because it will never happen. The project was propsed since the 80’s and propsed again last year and been rejected again. What they did instead is building a pink mosque (in Salhiyah) in the middle of the project so it will never happen :/ that’s a tragic story

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