Places in Kuwait Selling the Apple Vision Pro

Since the Apple Authorized Resellers won’t be selling the Apple Vision Pro anytime soon, the only way to get your hands on one locally is through the grey market.

Ordering online and shipping to Kuwait isn’t an option and I’m glad I canceled my Vision Pro order before it shipped. Turns out if an item is valued at more than $2,500, then it’s considered high valued and requires a special process to ship it. Shop & Ship have a page about it where you can read more on this.

So far, I’ve found five stores in Kuwait that sell it, @alfuhod, @bestalyousifi, @emarketkw, @mobile2000 and Here are their prices for the 256GB version:

Alfuhod: 1,399.9KD
Best: 1,299.9KD
eMarket: 1,399.9KD
Mobile2000: 1,279KD
Soooq: 1,279KD

In comparison, it costs around 1,155KD for the Vision Pro with tax in the US. Add around 20KD to ship to Kuwait (if it was easy to do), and that would bring the total to around 1,175KD. Paying 104KD premium and getting it from Mobile2000 for example, isn’t actually that bad.
If you’re interested, according to Best, their next shipment arrives on Tuesday. If you know of another place in Kuwait selling the Vision Pro, let me know.

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I saw it yesterday on Yiswa app, price started at 1,399KD but last sale was for 1,080KD I think, might be a more serious watcher next time it comes up there, since that’s under the official price.

Is the $2,500 max item value limited to Shop&Ship or does this apply for all shipping companies? I’ve been buying car parts for many years with items of much higher value and never had an issue. TBH I never even heard of it until now.

I think might be just shop and ship? I’ve heard that if you’re exporting anything out of the US that is 3,500$ or more you need special papers as well. But, some people have ordered Vision Pro I think with MyUS and weren’t required to get any special paperwork

It’s just S&S. I have shipped $5k MacBook Pro using MyUS when M1 MB Pro was released and no issue at all. I also have shipped $20k+ items for my business using MyUS as well few years ago. Exact same process as $100 items.

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