Throwing water balloons can get you arrested

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I really hate the water balloons throwing trend as much as I used to hate the foam spraying. But… I also don’t think it deserves up to three years in prison in case you’re caught.

The environmental police in Kuwait have emphasized that throwing water balloons constitutes a violation of environmental protection laws. Offenders may face penalties of up to a KD 5,000 fine or imprisonment for a maximum of three years. source

I highly recommend you click the source link and watch the hilariously sounding English dubbed video which reminds me of old Kung Fu movies.

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I have seen first hand a car accident caused by a kid throwing a water balloon on the windshield of a car.

And I had to get my car repaired once because a kid threw a 1 liter bottle of water on it. I guess he ran out of balloons.

Oh and the best part is that his mother was standing right beside him and saw the whole thing.

I don’t think this law is draconian at all. If anything it’s long overdue.

that dubbing is hilarious! it totally sounds like a parody off something like the daily show. English subtitles would have been fine…

in isolation this law seems draconian, but if you look at the context, that water-balloon throwing has become a national national-day activity/sport, then it makes sense. there are better ways to celebrate.

About time. Actually, this law is not strict enough.
Throwing balloons on the streets is idiotic, backwards, and dangerous. Not to mention an environmental disaster. You can still see tons of little remnants of balloons on the streets in Khairan from last year’s “celebrations”.
Not sure how celebrating your country by polluting it makes any sense.

Three years in prison does seem extreme for flinging water balloons (plus, they’re kids). But, I’m assuming the reason for the harsh penalties is because that’s the only course of action that will coerce people here to stop a silly and potentially dangerous “tradition”. The sound of these balloons smacking your car is a pretty hard blow especially if you’re caught off guard, at one point I got startled and thought my tire exploded.

How is it different than spraying water on others which constitutes a violation of personal protection law?
Environment matters more than the public?

This water balloon trash is not much different from the English soccer yobs and they deserve the tough love being proposed.

no locals will ever go to jail for 3 years or at all for throwing a water balloon at someone… for expats/wafids, im surprised that nobody suggested the guillotine

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